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Nightmare Fuel / MapleStory

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Glory to the Flora.
Despite the innocent-looking game (or maybe moreso because of it), there's some frightening stuff.

Character Storylines

  • If you choose Luminous' Dark Path, one of the quests has you send a young boy through a portal to... somewhere. The Fridge Horror is that he doesn't reappear again, and his safety is never confirmed, though Grendel seems to hint that he may still be alive.
  • All Resistance members (safe for Demon Slayer) get the absolute pleasure of meeting Gelimer. He's a Mad Scientist that likes to kidnap young children, brainwash them, subject them to Unwilling Robotization, and by the end of it, most of them have been turned into cyborg soldiers at his disposal.
  • In the Kinesis storyline, the six civilians that he rescues before level 60 are scared to death when he finds them - a couple even think that they're in Hell, literally. Some are children. The true Fridge Horror of this situation comes later, when you realize that the six you save are only six of thousand still missing, who have to wait to be rescued.
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  • Ark's storyline, not even before you hit his second job advancement, treats us to a flashback where Ark firsthandedly saw the genocide of an innocent species. The one afterwards shows the survivors presumably being burned alive while Albaire and Ark look on, followed by General Limbo showing off his "true form", which is the current page image.

Quests, Blockbusters, and Events

  • The 2016 Masteria Haunted House event for Halloween:
    • The Sophilia Doll monsters and Sophilia Doll-head marionettes, both which cry like little girls when defeated. You really have to watch it to feel it.
      • It's worse if one knows the story behind the mansion and its people. The dolls are modeled after the daughter of the man who ran the toy-making shop in the mansion (it was noted that these dolls looked creepy enough even before they were possessed). Sophilia was climbing up a chimney and fell to her death, causing her father to lock himself in his factory and eventually starve, and her butler to be overwhelmed by guilt. When the mansion was first released, those that got in could converse with the ghosts of the inhabitants, who were, aside from a few, unaware that they had been dead for what was probably decades. Now imagine that sweet, innocent Sophilia, who just wants her first doll, some candy, and to see her father, then imagine her wailing like the death cries of the dolls.
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    • From Bad to Worse is practically a theme of the place! Poor Killian, oh yes, poor Killian, stuck roaming the woods which moan in the night, headless and an eternal slave of the Black Magician. THAT was a Moral Event Horizon crossing for the Black Magician, condemning someone to And I Must Scream for eternity.
  • The Madhouse Event is one Nightmare Fuel after another. First off, if time runs out, the last thing you see before being kicked out of the dungeon is a glaring blue eye (presumably The Mole Sean's, right before she strikes with a skull for a pupil and a scream, presumably yours. If you enter a room without a light or take the wrong medicine, you wind up in a room where you find one of your friends being tortured. (Worse, the devices the doctors and orderlies are using on them? Those are chairs you can get from the Vending Machine if you ever want to see your character like that.) Not to mention, as you put together Chloe's diary, you start to learn, one bit at a time, just what happened to her; and when compared to Sean's brief diary, found in the epilogue, you find her point of view, and discover the truth, when pieced together, the truth of the killer's identity should come as a shock, along with the realization that you ''killed her.
  • The Xenoroids in Black Heaven and the Scrapyard. Those guys just aren't right. (Although, storylines show they're just as capable of sentience and emotion as the other robots.)
    • And what's more, it's clear that those are just mechanical expies of Xenon and Beryl, which makes them all the more unnerving.
  • The Afterlands. They may be the world that you go to after "dying". If that's so, then it means that the children in the Afterlands died. In fact, all the characters in the Afterlands give off this vibe, since it is never explained how they originally arrived, and they don't even mind that they may be dead, despite there being a possible way out. Heck, even after the storyline is done, you don't know anything about what that world really is, and given how the old man who you help in the beginning wakes you up whenever you leave the Afterlands, it may be just a really bizarre dream (although the ending puts that into question).
  • Mechanical Hearts- first we learn early on that Aspire's new androids, which are being sold as consumer goods, have emotions rather than merely programmed responses. This doesn't stop Aspire researchers from tormenting them for testing purposes. Hundreds of them exist in constant pain for scientific research. Upon helping expose what's happening and shutting down Aspire, the mainframe develops an AI, goes insane and wants to punish all of humanity for the torment of the Wondroids. Robots left in the facility are activated, any human workers trapped inside were torn apart, bonded with machine parts and turned into security drones(with the heavy implication that they are fully aware yet can't do anything). Even after the AI is defeated, Aspire's CEO has her body destroyed and mind trapped in a computer that isn't connected to anything, and a former researcher is severely injured, requiring Wondroid parts to fix the damage to his body. The ending also implies further chapters may be added.

Bosses, Monsters, and Areas


  • Rumors of the "White Lady" of Perion, a supposed character that would appear in Perion's town map very rarely. Some rumors suggest that Nexon put her there on purpose to honor someone who had died, some believe it was a bot-catching character, others believe it may have been a glitch(as the character appeared rendered from player sprites), while yet others believe it was a complete hoax. The character appears to be that of a female Warrior class with solid white skin and hair. Rumors have persisted for some time and there are even faked videos on Youtube, some of which are downright scary. Some claims suggest that clicking on the character brings up a player info box with an infinity symbol for the level and no number stats listed. No evidence of the character in the game's files has been found but if it was called from player sprites as most claim, then there would be no specific NPC sprites. But as of Big Bang and the new town maps, if the character was genuine, it may have been dummied out from appearing.
  • Maple World's magic is quite capable of bringing story books to life. Not only is Korean Folk Town the physical form taken from various books in the Ludibrium tower library but Ariant is filled with instances of books from Earth having been brought to Maple World and made into reality. That was long before the more recent and frequent dimensional crosses between Maple World and Earth began happening. Now imagine what would happen if the works of HP Lovecraft, Stephen King or other such horror writers were taken across and given life. The Black Mage would be nothing compared to Cthulhu given life.

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