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  • Ascended Fanon: Bob the Snail. Originally a random level 1 snail spawning in a level 50+ area, fans came up with numerous theories as to why he was there, he then became an actual boss enemy before eventually being retired.
  • Big Name Fan: Sean Chiplock has said that he's played the game for a long time. Interestingly, he was also cast as Male Cadena in GMS.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: For some definition of contest, FangBlade (the first global player to reach level 200) appears as an NPC in Evan's storyline as a famous dragon rider (as level 200 explorers get a dragon as a mount) who teaches Evan how to ride his Dragon, Mir.
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  • Name's the Same: Phantom is unrelated to the ghost who walks, Pantheon priest Beldar does not have a cone-shaped head, nor does Mu Lung storage keeper Mr. Do star in an 8-bit NES platforming video game.
  • No Dub for You: Subverted. While characters that have voices in combat in Korea are also given voices in Global, many quests that are voiced in Korea (such as Friendstory or Black Heaven) simply have their voice overs removed for the Global release.
  • No Export for You:
    • The Korean version gets updates first, natch, and then it goes the order of formation, but not always exactly. Some lands or monsters are country-exclusive. A good chunk of the plot itself also tends to remain untranslated or just left out of various worldwide clients. A large number of tie-in webcomics from Korea often remain officially untranslated for other regions as well.
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    • The Region Exclusive classes are only present in around 2-3 regional servers, and none of them are even in the game's native Korea.
  • Pirates Debuted As Cygnus Knights: In Europe, at least, the update order created a situation where Thunder Breakers were in the game before Pirates, the class they were based on.
  • Recycled Script: In an odd example, Beast Tamer has her own Kerning Square questline with a completely different cast and narrative but the exact same quest progression as the usual questline.
  • Region Coding: The game is split into several regions, most prominently Korea (the home region), Japan, South-East Asia and Global. IP checks on the registration page (as well as axillary information requirement like ID cards for Korean Players and cellphone numbers with two-factor authentication via text messaging, with a limitation on which telco can entroll- for SEA players) prevents players from playing across regions. This is extremely frustrating to a number of SEA players who consider the version available to them to be the most corruptnote  or have friends that they met on message boards that play on the Global server, and would prefer to get on the global server.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Four examples stand out-
    • Boss Kumi of Red Leaf High(now known as Maple Leaf High) was originally an almost spot-on copy of a character from the Japanese TV drama Gokusen, replacing her katana with a clip board. The TV network didn't take too well to this and the character was changed to a completely different look in short order.
    • The Tower Of Oz character models are a bit closer to the MGM version of Wizard Of Oz in Korea, but changed rather heavily in the US. While the novels are public domain, the film is not.
    • Nexon Korea originally shut down the BannedStory character simulator for copyright violation. Fan outcry led to Nexon US investigating what happened and allowing it and other character simulators to use their sprites.
    • Numerous private servers have been shut down by Nexon over the years and their owners taken to court for raking in large profits off ads and player donations. It is very rare for a single private server to last very long. Though these people ARE running an illegal version of the game, so what did they expect?
    • For years an =[NPC]= in Henesys had an 8-bit sprite from Bubble Bobble as part of his decoration as seen here. It is gone now.
  • Technology Marches On: When the game came out, 40-80 Gigabyte hard drives were still the norm for PCs and the game's installer package was only a couple hundred megabytes. Thanks to extensive new content, new player classes, and all that over the years, the installer is now over 7 GB in size with a suggested 14GB of free space needed to install the game itself, but 1-2 Terabyte hard drives are now common so it's not a huge deal. Oh, and the game may not even run on Windows 10, and Nexon is advising players to skip that OS for now if they want to keep playing, at least until they can fix the problem.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Blaster instructor of the Resistance, Elex, was originally depicted wielding a chained axe in certain cutscenes before the Blaster class was released, suggesting that the warrior class for the original Resistance path would've involved such a weapon before they settled on the Blaster class.
    • Cody's Theme Park, suggested since the game's early days and centered around Cody, an =[NPC]= based on Wizet's lead programmer. Nothing ever came of it with only a possibility that it eventually became the Monster Carnival, and Cody has since vanished from the game as the character never did anything relevant to gameplay.
    • Versal, a mirror universe/bizarro world parallel universe to Maple World first mentioned in the New Leaf City area, was to have received a full playable area, but has been long abandoned. All we know is that at least some citizens have blue skin, the day/night cycle is in a 6 month period rather than daily, a large green mouse is the mascot of Versalmas(their version of Christmas), and that the Balrog monsters are timid, friendly creatures while mushrooms are the most horrifying and strongest of monsters(with further suggestions of a lot of inverted morality to go along with it). Only two characters from Versal have ever appeared in the game.
      • Versal was briefly revisited for the "Masteria Through Time" blockbuster, but only for a single non-flashback scene, and it's only one area. Some details seem to have also been retconned, as Versalites are no longer blue skinned but possess glowing marks on their body.


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