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  • Bit of Fridge Brilliance here: one of the most popular monster familiars is the Big Spider, found in the Verne Mines in Edelstein. It's a relatively rare drop, and it's valued for its ability to drastically increase the drop rate of items and mesos. It's literally a Money Spider.
    • Of course Xenon is categorized as both a Pirate and a Thief; he's a machine, falling under the Resistance's Pirate equivalent, the Mechanic, but his specific "instructor" seems to be Claudine, who is the so-called Thief instructor.
    • Will, the Lord of Spiders, trapped Alpha in the Mirror World. Cracked glass tends to look like a spiderweb.
  • Fridge Horror: One quest requires you to "lighten" the floating island of Orbis by killing monsters. Unless those monsters really do disappear when they die as is shown in-game, that would mean their corpses are being dumped off the edge of the island to lighten it.
    • Before Mushroom Kingdom was updated, the antagonists were Pepes. Why were the Pepes invading the Kingdom? You see, Pepes are natives of El Nath, which is slowly being destroyed by Zakum, as well as King Von Leon. They were trying to escape to a new land, only to have you murdering them. Of course, they're now gone and replaced by Viking-esque creatures.
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    • Eskalade constantly sees Angelic Buster/Tear thanks to the bracelet permanently bonded to her arm. He's also sexually attracted to her. She literally can't so much as take a bath or change clothes without a perverted dragon watching her all the time.
    • Fridge Tearjerker more than anything; Alpha says that he "knows what it feels like" to be betrayed by family when Cassius is revealed to be a traitor. While he very likely couldn't care what Will thinks of him, Alpha's story is more or less him learning that his family that raised him has been lying to him this entire time, don't actually care about him, and are hunting him down.
  • Fridge Logic: The core plot of the Commerci area is that no one in Commerci is aware that anything exists beyond Dawnveil, but despite this, trade offices still sport maps of Victoria Island and Ossyria on the walls.

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