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  • The Banned Story animators get one when the creator of it got sent a cease and desist letter, causing him to shut down the simulator. Outraged, hundreds of Banned Story animators formed a petition, made countless videos, emailed Nexon, sent tickets, the works, and but a few days later, Nexon America announced that they were working to get the cease and desist letter removed. Nicely done, animators.
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  • Any time a superboss is legitimately defeated for the first time. Pink Bean especially.
  • Almost every anime cutscene features the characters doing something awesome.
    • Mercedes features her and Freud charging through the Temple of Time and ends with the two of them face to face with the Black Mage.
    • The Demon faces off against the Black Mage alone, and though he doesn't win, he does do enough damage for the Heroes to seal him.
    • Phantom features him exposing Hilla's plot to usurp Cygnus and managing to trick everyone present into thinking he's at full power.
    • Luminous, much like the Demon, faces off against the Black Mage. However, his fight ends with the Black Mage sealed up (at the cost of being corrupted by darkness though).
    • Kaiser's cutscene features the previous Kaiser making a Last Stand against Magnus. To put things into perspective, Kaiser was poisoned in a sneak attack and Magnus is also backed up by a huge army of spectres. He goes down fighting, giving Magnus his scar and his chopped off horn and performing a Taking You with Me, wiping out the entire army of spectres. Too bad Magnus took the Kaiserium.
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    • Xenon manages to fight off Beryl until Gelimer attempts to retake control of him.
    • Hayato's cutscene is awesome not for what Hayato did so much as it was for Oda Nobunaga for No Selling Hayato's attacks.
    • Kanna handily defeats Mori Ranmaru and stops the ritual which would make Nobunaga into The Sixth Sky Demon King.
    • The Cygnus Awakens cutscene features Cygnus awakening to her power so that she can revive Shinsoo.
    • The RED explorer cutscene could easily be mistaken for an anime opening complete with the explorers showing their stuff to an awesome vocal arrangement, ending with a shot of the explorers facing off against the Black Mage. The song is even reused in a Theme Music Powerup in the climax of the Explorer storyline!
  • Black Heaven has a few of these:
    • The player becoming a One Person Army in Act 4 during the infiltration of Black Heaven; it gets to the point where officers begin panicking about how one person is singlehandedly cutting through hundreds of their soldiers. Even high-ranking Black Wings officers barely slow them down. And then the player steals a Demolishizer...
      Black Wing: Uhh... Wait, our forces are unlimited, Keep pushing forward!
      Black Wing: How many are there? Why can't we stop them?!
      Android: One target, identified.
      Black Wing: What? One?
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    • Orca/Orchid using Suu/Lotus's power to save Edelstein from Black Heaven's bombs.
    • The player gets another one when they, while badly poisoned, launch Gelimer into the air to be blown up by his own Generoids.
  • Beating Magnus enough times to take back the previous Kaiser's sword? Great. Beating Magnus enough times again, likely with the same sword, to get enough horns to lift Kaiserium's curse and gain access to one of the greatest two-handed swords in the game? Awesome.

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