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MapleStory has some excellent music which is often overlooked - often because various maps and cutscenes may only play a small clip of each song.

  • To begin with, this person has uploaded the full game soundtrack for your listening pleasure.
  • The heavy metal/techno music that plays in the Phantom Forest and the rock music in the Yakuza Hideout in Showa.
  • The Crimsonwood keep area is a Moment of Awesome as a whole. Not to mention the music from inside the keep and from the bossfight is Wicked awesome.
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  • Lith Harbour's theme is an astounding tune and is also one of the first tunes you'll hear on Victoria Island.
  • The song that plays on the ship ride from Orbis to Ludibrium (called "On a Voyage") is a beautiful and epic sounding remix of Orbis' theme.
  • Sleepywood's Theme song is a great "Mellow out tune" and makes suffering through the Jump Quests much more bearable.
  • Ellinia's Theme song is among the most popular in the game, and sounds just as good, if not better, on Piano. Another solo piano version somehow manages to incorporate other layers done by other instruments in the original.
  • The Temple of Time has some beautiful music, starting with the song in the starting hub map.
    • The theme song that plays in the second area of the Time Temple, "Repentance".
    • Remembrance is much happier but no less awesome.
    • And finally, there's the suspenseful, foreboding music for the third area, Forgetfulness.
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  • The song that plays in Eos Tower while you're in the open is fantastic. It really picks up at 0:33.
  • Feast your ears Chryse's boss music.
  • The log-in theme music. Too bad it's been changed in the Korean edition and gradually other versions. It was also given an amazing acoustic remix titled Yester Story for Maplestory 2.
  • Empress Cygnus's battle theme music. It is beautiful.
  • The new NLC theme for the Global version is a bit Darker and Edgier than the original, and it's pretty dang awesome.
  • The Mu Lung area theme is VERY catchy.
  • The Tempest Update introduced the world of Grandis, bringing along with it a selection of amazing music:
    • Step of Kaiser the theme of Kaiser's tutorial stage in which you play as the previous Kaiser. It's dark and action packed, showing the last mission of a valiant warrior in all of his glory.
    • Pantheon is the theme of Kaiser and Angelic Buster's hometown. It's easily the most calm and soothing town theme in the game with melancholy notes that really ring true after Velderoth's betrayal.
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    • Pantheon Field is the theme of the low-level areas around Pantheon and the Dimensional Invasion Party Quest. It starts off with a slow and quiet xylophone before rising into a gradual crescendo with a strong beat, falling and rising again like the high and low points of an adventure.
    • Nova Sanctum is the theme of the various shrines stationed around Pantheon. Is a gentle theme that gives a sense of weightlessness and safety.
    • Great Temple Is the theme of the Great Nova Temple in Pantheon. It's quite grand and baroque, as if one was standing in a real-life church. Starting with a set of bells before bringing in the brass in a series of crescendos and decrescendos that make it a theme of deliberation and thoughtfulness.
    • Border Area is one of the battle themes that plays during the instanced Specter fights. It's an extremely tense theme that makes your fierce battle to defend Pantheon all the more heart-pumping.
    • Retake The theme of Helisium Reclamation HQ. Much like the Great Nova Temple, it's a theme of deliberation, this time for military tactics as it marks the start of the front-line battle against Magnus.
    • Helisium Mystic Forest A calming theme to fit the beautiful and peaceful landscape of the forest, a calm before the storm that is the storming of Magnus's stronghold.
    • Helisium Field Starkly contrasting the bright and optimistic Pantheon Field, it's a dark and gritty theme meant to underscore the harsh war going on in Grandis between the Nova and Magnus.
    • Helisium War Cry A theme of the battle instances in the Helisium area. Another blood-pumping theme, it's most notably used in the fight where Kaiser stalls for time and is nearly overwhelmed before Edea finishes her spell preparations and vaporizes an entire army of Specters in an instant.
    • Trapped Kaiser as its name would imply this theme plays when Kaiser is surrounded and has to fight his way out. It's an extremely grand theme that emphasizes your struggle against impossible odds.
    • Funky Black Market, the theme of the Nova's foothold base in the downtown market area of Helisium, is a jazzy theme that shows the zany antics that take place there as well as the clandestine missions that take place soon after its creation in the vein of the old James Bond movies.
    • Citadel of Tyrant The background music for the Tyrant's Castle, Magnus's base. With a strong brass line, a powerful beat, and an ever present ostinato of strings gives one the feeling of being watched.
    • The Final War Magnus's boss battle theme. It's a never ending assault of strings, choir, and brass meant to overwhelm you. There's only a brief lull near the end before escalating back into a full on blast, highlighting how little room you have to breath, fitting for one of the hardest boss battles in the game.
  • The RED update gives Maplestory an anime theme song, a cheery, upbeat theme meant to symbolize the determination and hidden potential of the Explorers (meaning you players out there).
  • The Omega Sector, an area so obscure that most new players will never have a reason to go there - the region being "closed" pending an upcoming revamp hasn't helped matters.
  • This is the theme of the Kinesis job class revealed in the July of 2015. It's a flashy techno theme with an electronic beat meant to characterize the nature of Kinesis as a hero of the modern world with ESP rather than magic. It has an excellent dark reprise as well.
  • The Friendstory Post-Game Update in KMS focused around the characters competing against Damien's new rock band which took the school by storm. To counter this, you and your friends end up putting together your own band. This song (an extension of Friendstory's opening theme) is the result. Here's the Japanese version if you like it better.
  • The towns in Mirror World use gorgeous arrangements of their real counterparts' themes, including Ariant, Magatia, Ludibrium, and the Temple of Time.
  • The Afterlands music pieces are pretty serene, as each piece has both a day and a night version. Check the Land of Riches night version and a slightly different version out. Equally serene as a piano solo.

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