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Nightmare Fuel / JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island

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A Survival Horror game that looks like it was made by Tim Burton, for fourth graders in mind? Hell yes...

  • Ms. Grunkle frequently appears to taunt you. She can show up anywhere...
  • What happens if you don't talk to Madame Pomreda and do an activity anyways? Her eyes appear in front of you and say "Come to Madame Pomreda's to accept your challenge!"
  • Repsac, as seen in the page image. He is heavily implied to be The Dragon to Ms. Grunkle. His sole purpose in the game? To hop out in front of you when you least expect it and ask you a question. Get it wrong? Then you lose health. Lose enough? You go to the labyrinth. Oh, and he'll jump you inside the Labyrinth, too - so no luck hiding in there.
  • The Labyrinth. There is no real sound there, apart from the background music. Nothing Is Scarier....
  • The boat sequence can be scary if you have a slow computer... meaning you go forever.
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  • Madame Pomreeda herself is pretty creepy, especially when you first meet her; it seems fine at first, until she lifts the curtain to reveal a face that doesn't look right.
  • Nearby Pomreeda's tent there is a background element nearby resembling a circus wagon labeled Cirque du Jumpe Start. Nothing happens when you click on it (attempting to will cause you to turn left or right instead), but if you press Up on the arrow keys, you're... ahem, "treated", to THIS ghastly image, with a scary unique track playing in the background. Brrrr. Even worse, its an abandoned version of the town from the original version of Jump Start Pre-K.
  • One of the scariest locations in the entire game is The Woods. The entrances to this play are foreboding enough, two trees with menacing faces with a pathway blocked by webbing. But that's NOTHING compared to what's INSIDE the Woods. All of the trees have agonized faces on their trunks, and equally scary ghosts pass by you frequently. Not to mention that at the beginning of each pathway within the woods are woodland creatures with anguished, horrified expressions.
  • Fridge Horror: You missed a day of class, thankfully the one where your classmates are turned into monsters. Consider the Adult Fear their parents were going through. Forget that, consider what your parents would be going through!


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