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Nightmare Fuel / Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

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  • Ares!Atalanta's Black Eyes of Evil when she fights Herc.
  • More Black Eyes of Evil for the Water Enforcer. Goes straight into Uncanny Valley.
  • Everything about Arachne, especially her means of reproduction.
  • Hercules's River of Insanity journey to the Sumerian Realm of the Dead.
    • Herc's nightmare involving an open grave.
      Iolaus: Hercules!
      Hercules: Iolaus? [pulls him out of the grave]
      Iolaus: I knew you'd come and get me, buddy.
      Hercules: I couldn't give up on you.
      Iolaus: You should've. [Evil Laugh]
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    • Dumuzi's army of zombies, particularly how it's made clear they are being forced to do this. One of Nebula's crewmen is among them and begs for death.
  • "Twilight" doesn't pull any punches in showing that War Is Hell.
    • One poor soldier has his arm cut off during an ambush and dies a slow, painful death from his wound.
    • Jason has a nightmare about freezing up as enemy soldiers storm the trench. Everyone else is viciously stabbed, but viewers don't see any blood. For censorship reasons? Possibly, but more likely to surprise you when Jason's throat is slit in full view of the audience, and he bleeds out.
  • In "Redemption", Dahak makes Jason hallucinate that his hand is infested with worms. In pure terror, he slashes his hand with his knife several times and would have ended up killing himself if he hadn't been stopped.

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