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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and its counterpart show are loaded with a surprisingly large amount of innuendo... or not, considering their audience is young adults.

  • All over the place in "Stranger in a Strange Land":
    • Sovereign's interactions with Otherworld!Aphrodite have an I Have You Now, My Pretty vibe to them: first he starts to open her modest tunic, telling her it wouldn't hurt to "let it all hang out", then he plants a Forceful Kiss on her, and finally as she leaves, he tells her he's looking forward to their honeymoon with a very perverted chuckle. The vibes he gives off are positively creepy.
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    • Not five minutes later, Otherworld!Xena shows up with a whip - apparently "a new love toy" - asking if the Sovereign is going to punish her. Then they proceed to have really destructive foreplay, right in front of Normal!Iolaus, who lampshades it: "Their foreplay's gonna get me killed!"
    • As Otherworld!Xena carries Otherworld!Aphrodite's wedding dress train down the aisle, she asks this gem:
    Otherworld!Xena: "About old Zeus... Is it true that he throws those thunderbolts 'cause they're the only thing about him big and stiff?"
  • In "Love on the Rocks" after calling Discord the "Goddess of Skank", Aphrodite asked her if she was her to "defend [her] title at the kielbasa-swallowing contest".

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