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Awesome / Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

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  • The reveal in "Surprise," where Hercules demonstrates he anticipated Callisto's treachery and will be able to escape the labyrinth without her aid.
    "That leads right back to the entrance. Surprise!"
  • Hercules shaking off his Heroic BSoD in "Resurrection" - allowing him to face Morrigan in a rematch and win.
  • Iolaus 2 taking a level in badass in "Love on the Rocks," in which he overcomes several mooks alone to rescue his girlfriend Nautica.
    • In the same scene, Aphrodite gets into a fistfight with Discord and kicks her ass.
  • Salmoneus in "Eye of the Beholder," his very first episode. Hercules and the Cyclops are battling Hera's forces to defend a village. The villagers, however, refuse to help Hercules because they deem the Cyclops a freak. The salesman doesn't stand for that.
    Salmoneus: It would be better to die with him than to stay here with eunuchs like you.
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  • Xena surviving the gauntlet.
  • In "Judgement Day," a powerless Hercules has been framed for the murder of his wife and set upon by an angry mob, Iolaus unable to help. Suddenly, a high-pitched cry echoes, a disc-shaped object slices off the tips of the mob's spears and Xena (with Gabrielle close behind) leaps into the fray to help Hercules.
  • In "Judgment Day," a Brought Down to Normal Hercules attacks Strife for murdering Serena and still kicks his ass. Strife only turns the tables when Ares reminds him that he's a god and to use his powers, but it doesn't take long for Zeus to make things fair. Cue an epic thrashing.
  • Hercules punches Sovereign in "Stranger in a Strange World".
  • Meta one for Karen Sheperd: The Enforcer, where she guest-starred as the titular character, received the highest ratings for the entire series.


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