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Recap / Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

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Season 0 (standalone movies from the same universe made before the series was picked up)

  1. "Hercules and the Amazon Women": Hercules is forced to confront his outdated views on women when he attempts to liberate a village from the Amazons.
  2. "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom": Hercules helps a princess reclaim her kingdom.
  3. "Hercules and the Circle of Fire": Hercules and Deianeira team up when Hera takes away Prometheus' gift of fire from humanity.
  4. "Hercules in the Underworld": Iole asks Hercules to help her village because a portal to the Underworld has opened, but his wife Deianeira suspects the two are having an affair.
  5. "Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur": Hercules and Iolaus reminisce about their past while they attempt to stop an evil Minotaur, but this Minotaur may be closer to Hercules that he thinks.

Season 1

  1. "The Wrong Path": When Hera kills Hercules' wife Deianeira and their children, he becomes so obsessed with revenge that he ignores a She-Demon who is turning people to stone.
  2. "Eye of the Beholder": Hercules helps defend a village from a cyclops, but finds there is more to the story than meets the eye.
  3. "The Road to Calydon": Hercules leads a group of refugees who had angered Hera by stealing from her to the city of Calydon where they will be safe.
  4. "The Festival of Dionysus": Hercules attends the Festival of Dionysus, but Tiresias warns him that there is danger.
  5. "Ares": Hercules and Atalanta try to stop Ares, the God of War, from corrupting children into killers.
  6. "As Darkness Falls": As centaurs attempt to abduct a woman, one of them arranges for Hercules to be poisoned with a potion that causes him to go blind.
  7. "Pride Comes Before a Brawl": Hercules' ex-girlfriend, Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution, is ordered to kill Iolaus for his hubris.
  8. "The March to Freedom": Hercules frees an Asian slave, then they try to locate and free her husband.
  9. "The Warrior Princess": Xena, a cunning and cruel warlord, seduces Iolaus and turns him against Hercules.
  10. "Gladiator": Hercules and Iolaus attempt to free slaves forced to be gladiators, but are captured and forced to participate.
  11. "The Vanishing Dead": Ares' dog, Graegus, starts eating people and preventing their souls from resting.
  12. "The Gauntlet": Xena's lieutenant Darphus betrays her and forces her to run "The Gauntlet". She teams up with Hercules to get revenge, and he tries to redeem her.
  13. "Unchained Heart": Darphus and Graegus cut a path of destruction through Greece. While stopping them, Xena turns her back on evil.

Season 2

  1. "The King of Thieves": Autolycus, The King of Thieves, performs a robbery that Iolaus is blamed for. Hercules must capture Autolycus to clear his name.
  2. "All That Glitters": Hercules and Salmoneus visit King Midas' casino, but find it has been taken over by Hera worshipers.
  3. "What's in a Name?": Hercules' jealous brother Iphicles starts impersonating him.
  4. "Siege at Naxos": Hercules and Iolaus attempt to transport a criminal to Athens for trial, but his men attack them and they are forced to hole up in an old fortress.
  5. "Outcast": Hercules helps a centaur who is facing prejudice.
  6. "Under the Broken Sky": Hercules and Salmoneus help a woman who is forced to work in a pleasure palace return home to her husband.
  7. "The Mother of All Monsters": Echidna, the Mother of All Monsters, seeks revenge on both Hercules and his mother Alcmene because of Hercules killing her children.
  8. "The Other Side": When Hades abducts Persephone to be his wife, Demeter orders Hercules to rescue her or else she will not allow anything to grow.
  9. "The Fire Down Below": When Salmoneus unknowingly steals treasure belonging to Hera, she orders Nemesis and then a fire demon to kill him.
  10. "Cast a Giant Shadow": Hercules befriends the giant Typhon, but learns he is Echidna's husband and the Father of All Monsters.
  11. "Highway to Hades": Sisyphus escapes from the Underworld and tricks Timuron into taking his place, so Hercules is ordered to set things right.
  12. "The Sword of Veracity": When a man is framed for murder, Hercules and Iolaus seek the Sword of Veracity, which reveals the truth.
  13. "The Enforcer": Hera punishes Nemesis for disobedience by turning her into a human, then creates the Enforcer, a woman made of water with only one mission: kill Hercules.
  14. "Once a Hero": On the tenth anniversary of the Argonauts' voyage, the Golden Fleece is stolen. The Argonauts reunite and seek it again, but find that Jason is a shadow of his former self.
  15. "Heedless Hearts": Iolaus is struck by lightning and gains the ability to see the future. The heroes help a rebellion and Hercules starts to fall in love with their leader Rheanna.
  16. "Let the Games Begin": Hercules devises the Olympic Games as a bloodless substitute for war.
  17. "The Apple": Aphrodite gives Iolaus a golden apple that will make people fall in love with him, but when he uses it on a princess who is already engaged, this threatens to start a war.
  18. "Promises": Hercules and Iolaus attempt to rescue a kidnapped woman and are confused when she doesn't want to be rescued.
  19. "King For A Day": When Prince Orestes is drugged and cannot attend his coronation, Iolaus, who looks just like him, is asked to temporarily take his place.
  20. "Protean Challenge": The shape shifting god Proteus starts framing several people for crimes.
  21. "The Wedding of Alcmene: Hera sends her minions to attack Alcmene and Jason's wedding. Jason passes his crown onto Iphicles.
  22. "The Power": Aphrodite's demigod son Deon discovers he has the ability to control people with his voice. His uncle tries to use him to get rich, while Hercules tries to teach him to use his ability responsibly.
  23. "Centaur Mentor Journey": Hercules' dying mentor asks him to stop a war between the centaurs and the humans.
  24. "The Cave of Echoes": While trying to rescue a woman from the Cave of Echoes, Hercules and Iolaus describe their adventures to an aspiring writer.

Season 3

  1. "Mercenary": While Hercules is transporting a mercenary to Sparta for trial, they get shipwrecked and are forced to work together against pirates and sand monsters.
  2. "Doomsday": In his grief over the death of his son Icarus, Daedalus is convinced to build weapons and war machines for an evil king.
  3. "Love Takes a Holiday": Aphrodite decides to quit being the Goddess of Love. Meanwhile, Iolaus runs into his long lost grandmother, who is still young because of Hephaestus, who desires both her and Aphrodite.
  4. "Mummy Dearest": An Egyptian princess asks Hercules to help deal with a mummy that has come to life.
  5. "Not Fade Away": Hera creates a new Enforcer, a woman made of fire, who kills Iolaus. Hercules cuts a deal with Hades to resurrect him if he can defeat the new Enforcer. Hades resurrects the first Enforcer and orders her to help Hercules with this mission.
  6. "Monster Child in the Promised Land": Echidna gives birth to a new baby monster who gets kidnapped by a small time thief.
  7. "The Green-Eyed Monster": Cupid falls in love with Psyche, but his mother Aphrodite is jealous because people are saying Psyche is more beautiful than her. Things get complicated when Hercules is shot with Cupid's Arrow and falls in love with Psyche too, causing Cupid to turn into a literal green-eyed monster.
  8. "Prince Hercules": Hercules is struck on the head and suffers amnesia. An evil Hera-worshiping queen fools him into believing he's her son, so that he'll serve Hera and lead her armies.
  9. "A Star to Guide Them": Iolaus has a strange dream that urges him to go north, where he and Hercules discover a king who has ordered all babies to be rounded up and put to death.
  10. "The Lady and the Dragon": A warlord and his lover start luring people to be killed by a dragon.
  11. "Long Live the King": When Orestes is murdered, Iolaus must once again take his place to solve it and secure a peace treaty.
  12. "Surprise": Xena's arch enemy Callisto makes a deal with Hera to be resurrected in exchange for killing Hercules. At his birthday party, she poisons the guests, then orders him to help her retrieve the Golden Apples of the Tree of Life from a labyrinth.
  13. "Encounter": Hercules tries to help Serena, the Golden Hind, whose blood is poisonous to gods, and starts to fall in love with her.
  14. "When a Man Loves a Woman": Ares tells Hercules that the gods will only consent to Hercules and Serena's marriage if they both agree to give up their powers and be fully human.
  15. "Judgment Day": Serena is murdered and Hercules is framed for it. As a lynch mob comes after him, Xena and Gabrielle show up to help him and Iolaus.
  16. "The Lost City": Iolaus discovers an evil leader has brainwashed people into mining gold for him.
  17. "Les Contemptibles": In 1789 France, Lady Marie DeVille tries to inspire two highwaymen to be revolutionaries by telling tales of Hercules' heroism.
  18. "Reign of Terror": King Augeus has gone mad and thinks he is Zeus. Hera grants him real godly powers and orders him to kill Hercules.
  19. "The End of the Beginning": Autolycus and Hercules get sent five years into the past. While Autolycus teams up with his younger self to steal a treasure he had previously failed to steal, Hercules tries to change Serena's destiny and prevent her eventual death.
  20. "War Bride": Hercules and Iolaus rescue a spoiled princess from kidnappers and try to return her home.
  21. "A Rock and a Hard Place": A suspected murderer is crushed by a boulder and is dying. Hercules tries to get him to confess the truth about his supposed crime.
  22. "Atlantis": Hercules is shipwrecked and finds himself in Atlantis, an island with highly advanced technology but a very arrogant people. An outcast among them named Cassandra has visions saying the island will sink, but only Hercules believes her.

Season 4

  1. "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs": Hercules and Autolycus climb a beanstalk and try to rescue a woman who has been captured by a giant, but the golden eggs the woman is caring for spell even more trouble for the duo.
  2. "Hero's Heart": Iolaus loses his memories and reverts back to being a thief.
  3. "Regrets... I've Had a Few": Celestia, the Goddess of Death, comes for Hercules' friend Jaris. While Hercules tries to persuade her not to, he remembers the time he first met her when he was young.
  4. "Web of Desire": Hercules and Iolaus must team up with the pirate Nebula when they are attacked by Arachne the spider woman.
  5. "Stranger in a Strange World": Iolaus accidentally swaps places with his alternate universe counterpart. While Hercules and Ares are confused by seeing an Iolaus who is a cowardly jester, Iolaus is trapped in a world where everybody has the opposite personality and Hercules is a cruel tyrant called the Sovereign.
  6. "Two Men and a Baby": Nemesis has a baby son named Evander, and claims Hercules is the father. Evander already demonstrates great powers, so Ares tries to take him to raise him as a weapon.
  7. "Prodigal Sister": Hercules helps a blind young man reunite with his sister, who had been abducted years ago by a group of renegade Amazons.
  8. "...And Fancy Free": Hercules agrees to become a girl named Althea's partner for a dance contest, and gets dancing lessons from Widow Twanky.
  9. "If I Had A Hammer...": Atalanta makes a statue of Hercules that gets brought to life.
  10. "Hercules on Trial": When a man gets himself killed trying to imitate Hercules, Hercules is arrested and put on trial for being a bad influence on people.
  11. "Medea Culpa": Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason remember the time they met Medea and battled a monster called Ghidra.
  12. "Men in Pink": Salmoneus and Autolycus are framed for murder and hide in Widow Twanky's all-girl dance troupe by disguising themselves as women.
  13. "Armageddon Now: Part 1": Callisto travels back in time to kill Alcmene before she can give birth to Hercules, while Iolaus tries to stop her.
  14. "Armageddon Now: Part 2": Callisto succeeds, leaving Iolaus trapped in a world without Hercules and where Xena, having never been redeemed, rules with an iron fist. Iolaus struggles to find a new way to travel back and rescue Alcmene.
  15. "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules": In the modern day, the producers of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys panic when the star, Kevin Sorbo, goes missing after an earthquake.
  16. "Porkules": Discord turns Hercules into a pig. While Iolaus and Autolycus try to save him from the chopping block, Hercules befriends a pig named Katherine and helps her.
  17. "One Fowl Day": Aphrodite turns Katherine into a human and Hercules tries to help her adjust to human life. Meanwhile, Ares torments Iolaus and Autolycus for disrespecting him.
  18. "My Fair Cupcake": Autolycus has his girlfriend Cupcake pretend to be a princess as part of his plan to steal a sapphire. Meanwhile, Hercules tries to prevent a war.
  19. "War Wounds": After Iphicles' wife dies, he takes his anger out on several war veterans, but they kidnap him. Hercules, Iolaus, and Nebula must save them all when they go to a prison full of sand monsters.
  20. "Twilight": Alcmene is dying, and while Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason comfort her, they reminisce about the first time Hercules went to war.
  21. "Top God": With Alcmene dead, Zeus asks Hercules to join him on Olympus as a full god.
  22. "Reunions": Hercules accepts Zeus' offer, but discovers Zeus had an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Iolaus visits his mother, whom he had not seen in years.

Season 5

  1. "Faith": Hercules, Iolaus, and Nebula travel to Sumeria to help Gilgamesh, who claims the gods are destroying his kingdom.
  2. "Descent": Devastated by Iolaus' death, Hercules and Nebula travel to the Sumerian Underworld to try to resurrect him.
  3. "Resurrection": After failing to resurrect Iolaus, Hercules gives up on being a hero, but he finds himself in Eire and the people beg him to save them from the demigoddess Morrigan.
  4. "Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My": Salmoneus and Autolycus find a magic lamp with a genie, while the sultan they stole the lamp from orders their deaths.
  5. "Render Unto Caesar": Having managed to redeem Morrigan, Hercules helps her defend Eire when Caesar's army attacks it.
  6. "Norse By Norsevest": Hercules goes to Norway and tries to prevent Balder from being killed.
  7. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge": Hercules tries to prevent Loki from triggering Ragnarok.
  8. "Darkness Rising": Hercules and Morrigan go to Sumeria, where they discover Nebula has gone mad due to seeing apparitions of Iolaus.
  9. "For Those of You Just Joining Us": In the modern day, Kevin Sorbo and the show's producers and writers go to a corporate retreat, but someone tries to murder them.
  10. "Let There Be Light": Hercules, Nebula, and Morrigan pursue Dahak, the God of Evil, who has possessed Iolaus' body and taken over Greece.
  11. "Redemption": Hercules tries to exorcise Dahak and free Iolaus' spirit.
  12. "Sky High": Hercules and a rag-tag crew try to stop a volcano from destroying a town.
  13. "Stranger and Stranger": Hercules revisits the alternate universe because Ares has trapped the other Olympians there.
  14. "Just Passing Through": Now that Iolaus II decided to stay in Hercules' world, Hercules tries to inspire him to be a hero by telling him stories of his Iolaus.
  15. "Greece is Burning": Hercules helps Althea and Widow Twanky with a fashion contest.
  16. "We'll Always Have Cyprus": Morrigan helps Hercules rescue the Oracle of Cyprus, while trying to explain why she dumped him.
  17. "The Academy": Hercules, Jason, and Iolaus II go to their old academy and find it has been taken over by renegade students. Jason learns he has a daughter named Seska.
  18. "Love on the Rocks": Aphrodite helps Iolaus II when he falls in love with the mermaid Nautica, whom Discord turned into a human as part of an evil plan.
  19. "Once Upon a Future King": Roughly 1000 years in the future, aspiring king Arthur Pendragon is cruel and arrogant. To teach him a lesson, Merlin transports him and his partner Mab to Hercules' time. Arthur decides to gain Excalibur early and instead be king there, so Hercules, Morrigan, and Merlin's younger self attempt to stop him.
  20. "Fade Out": Ares, Discord, and Deimos use a cursed stone to make a village fade away into nothingness. Hercules breaks the stone, but this causes him to start fading away.
  21. "My Best Girl's Wedding": Iolaus II is shocked to learn Nautica is marrying someone else. Meanwhile, Hercules is heartbroken when he meets Serena, who does not remember him and is married to someone else due to the changes he made in "The End of the Beginning".
  22. "Revelations": Iolaus comes back to life to warn Hercules that Archangel Michael is planning to unleash the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to wipe out the world.

Season 6

  1. "Be Deviled": Hercules and Iolaus try to stop a murderer who has escaped from Hell with demonic powers, but Hercules is tormented by a demon who looks just like Serena.
  2. "Love, Amazon Style": Aphrodite and Hephaestus break up. Depressed, Aphrodite accidentally causes an Amazon tribe to obey any order they are given. Deimos takes advantage of this to take control of them
  3. "Rebel With a Cause": King Oedipus asks Hercules to help his daughter Antigone claim her rightful throne.
  4. "Darkness Visible": Hercules and Iolaus are summoned by Vlad to rid his kingdom of vampires.
  5. "Hercules, Tramps & Thieves": Hercules and Autolycus visit the First Bank of Greece, where Autolycus runs into his bitter ex-wife. Autolycus is blamed when the bank is robbed, even though he's actually innocent.
  6. "City of the Dead": Hercules and Iolaus go to Egypt on a diplomatic mission and investigate when Queen Nefertiti is nearly assassinated.
  7. "A Wicked Good Time": A coven of witches working for Discord try to convince Seska to join them as part of a plot to destroy Hercules.
  8. "Full Circle": Zeus abducts Evander and uses the boy's powers to free Hera from Tartarus, but two evil Titans are also freed.

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