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Nightmare Fuel / Highlander

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  • Sometimes things were added in the Watcher Chronicles CD-Rom that created a bit of this in some characters. One example is Michael Moore from "Turnabout". His chronicle says he was taken from an orphanage in the 1830s by a foster family that was cruel and abusive, possibly even sexually abusive. It was so bad his first death was suicide. Imagine having trauma like that and not even being able to escape by dying. Is it any wonder the guy ended up developing a split personality that was a Serial Killer? It's sad he helped a lot of others as a psychiatrist, but couldn't escape his own demons.
  • The revelation that Methos repeatedly killed Cassandra just to torture her back in the bronze age.
  • Terence Kincaid, the immortal who got marooned on a Deserted Island and ended up starving to death over and over again. It's no wonder he was eager to get back at Duncan when he escaped. Mac hadn't wanted to kill him and never thought he'd end up stranded quite that long. And by extension, any other immortal who endured repeated deaths due to an inability to escape a situation. At least any one buried alive like Nefertiti or Michael Moore would stay dead until they got enough air to wake up again.
  • John Garrick, the immortal who ended up psychically tormenting Duncan because unbeknownst to Duncan, he did not escape a Burn the Witch! situation and was burned alive. True that he wouldn't revive until he'd healed enough to facilitate it, but it's still painful to think about.
  • There were at least two immortals who ended up trapped in mental hospitals so long that no one remembered who they were or why they were there. One of them tried to get revenge on Duncan by trapping him in an abandoned army base brig for the same amount of time, though he was rescued. That's a bit of a nightmare to imagine.
  • The novel "Zealot" expands on Methos’ comment in “Til Death”, albeit in a scene cut for time, about “a senator, his wife and a slave boy.” It ended with Methos being crucified. It's indicated he died a couple times before he was rescued by Constantine. Considering what we know about this form of execution...eesh.
  • Kenny appears to be a ten-year-old child but in reality is over 800 years old. He uses his youthful appearance to lure other Immortals in to behead them. As horrible as he is, one can't feel a little sorry for the realization this is a centuries-old figure forever trapped in a child's body, which may contribute to his mental state.
    • When Kenny gets the drop on an Immortal to behead him, the Quickening suddenly makes him look far older, his face seemingly twisting to hint his true age. It's a horrific sight but kudos to both the FX team and Myles Ferguson pulling it off.
  • Kalas, the Big Bad of Season 3, oozes this trope. He kills two or three people each episode he appears in, and at one point abducts his Watcher, straps him to a chair, and electrically tortures him for information. In addition to his crimes, there's also his general demeanor. Most evil immortals tend to be theatrical or entertaining, like Kronos or the Kurgan. Not Kalas. He's icy and humorless, with a simmering rage and sadism hiding just beneath the surface. As if all that weren't enough, he's as skilled as Duncan is. No wonder Mac was so worried whenever Kalas showed up.
  • Throughout the series, the question hangs of what might happen should an Immortal break the rule of taking a head on holy ground. In "Little Tin God," Dawson shares an old Watcher legend of the only known time two Immortals fought on holy ground:
    Joe: It was in Pompeii. 79 A.D.
    Duncan: The volcano...

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