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Nightmare Fuel / Final Destination 5

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The nail which was on the gymnastics beam was terrifying. It looked like she was going to slice her Achilles tendon or something. The actual death isn't much better: her broken body twitches several times as a wet stain spreads across the crotch of her gymnastic leotard, along with her femur sticking out of her leg.
    • One YouTube user decided to create a video where they played music from the Nintendo Mii Channel over the nail scene - despite the calm music, most people agreed that it only made the scene even more uncomfortable to watch.
    • That scene is even scarier for people who have, at one point or another, had Agony of the Feet. It's clearly not what would kill someone, but just being reminded of that pain is enough to make one wince.
    • In the same scene, when water is dripping on an electric cable, the cable has a socket in it that looks disturbingly skull-like.
    • The sheer tension of the entire thing, just waiting for something to go horribly wrong with the several problems in the scene, but seemingly none of them happening or being narrowly avoided multiple times before the accident itself. Will it be the fan blades spontaneously going haywire? The exposed cable coated in water? Maybe that screw in the gymnastics bar coming loose? Or maybe someone will just be a bit too clumsy on the landing...
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  • The LASIK surgery scene. Holy crap. Even if LASIK doesn't work that way, which should be comforting, but really isn't.
  • The whole concept of "Taking another's life for yours": if you're on Death's list, you can kill a person who wasn't even on Death's list, be it on purpose or by mistake, they take your spot on the list and you get their lifespan and you're home free. Sounds fair and well, but then conflict comes in, do you have what it takes to kill a completely innocent person who wasn't even on Death's list, just so you can live longer? It gets worse as you realize that even if you do kill a person, you don't know how long they were even gonna be alive! For all you know, the person can either live for a long time before dying or suddenly die the next day, week, maybe even next hour. The countdown to your impending death doesn't help things either.
    • And, to make it worse, you still count as Death balancing the book. Your victim might have had a natural death planned for them, but you won't. And you won't be able to get agency over it by taking your own life, because Death will stop that too. It will be some horrible, graphic, convoluted accident that you won't see coming. If you are lucky, it will at least be quick, but that's sadly unlikely.
  • Issac getting impaled on acupuncture needles, almost burning to death and having his head crushed by a Buddha statue... Just... Damn. Sure, the bloke in question was a complete Jerkass and being incredibly racist to the receptionist but damn was that harsh.
  • What is with that noise when that wrench gets launched into Dennis’ eyes?
    • His fate in the premonition isn’t very great either, he gets boiling tar poured over him. You can hear his muffled screams of agony as he slips out of his skin to fall to his death.
  • The way Sam and Molly are killed during the Flight 180 plane explosion. Molly gets thrown out a hole torn in the cabin and bisected by the plane's fin while Sam is visually roasted alone. The scene is even slowed down to show the fire engulfing him as he screams in pain. Yeesh.
    • Sam’s death is even creepier when you notice that it is almost shot exactly like Alex’s death in the original film’s premonition.
    • The moment you realize Sam and Molly are about to meet a gruesome end when it's revealed they're aboard Flight 180, the plane that exploded in the original Final Destination film.


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