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Headscratchers / Final Destination 5

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Why do Sam and Molly die at the end of the film? Molly never died in Sam's premonition and Sam theoretically should have gotten Agent Block's remaining lifespan when he killed Peter. So unless Molly and Agent Block were always meant to die on Flight 180 from the very beginning, Molly and Sam dying on Flight 180 makes no sense.

  • Maybe stolen life only transfers once, which would mean Sam didn't get Agent Block's stolen lifespan when he killed Peter. And yes, Molly was most likely set to die either on Flight 180 or in some other way at the same time. Her death doesn't have to make sense—-people die all the time.
    • Well actually Sam surviving the accident would mean that Molly didn't go to Paris, so she wasn't planned to die on the plane originally. But Sam surviving meant that she got on the plane.
      • It has been demonstrated multiple times (all the bullets in Thomas Burke's gun being duds when Eugene Dix tried to shoot himself, the falling tree branch knocking Burke out of the way of the barbed wire fence that was meant for Rory, etc) that if someone isn't meant to die at that time, death itself will intervene to save them. So if Molly wasn't meant to die on Flight 180, she would have ended up not boarding the plane, regardless of Sam surviving.

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