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  • Why do Sam and Molly die at the end of the film? Molly never died in Sam's premonition and Sam theoretically should have gotten Agent Block's remaining lifespan when he killed Peter. So unless Molly and Agent Block were always meant to die on Flight 180 from the very beginning, Molly and Sam dying on Flight 180 makes no sense.
    • This relies on some logic established in Final Destination 2. That movie posited that if a person marked by Death saves the life of someone who wasn't marked, that person becomes marked as well. So when Sam (marked) saved Molly (unmarked) from Peter, he added her to Death's list.
      • 1. That was never established anywhere. 2. Peter was never supposed to be alive to kill Molly in the first place.
      • Incorrect - Molly was supposed to have survived the bridge collapse and die in the kitchen - that was part of Death's design; Sam has the vision, everyone escapes; Death picks them off one by one, Peter goes crazy and kills Molly to "steal" her remaining days, which is always supposed to happen. But, unfortunately, Sam interferes and saves Molly and kills Peter, thus letting Molly "skip" her death in the kitchen and be "marked" to die - she ends up on Death's list. Cue plane explosion!
      • People can't put other people on Death's list or take them off. Only Death can do that. People CAN change the circumstances leading to another person's death, however. The ripple effect caused by the survivors of the North Bay Bridge collapse might have changed Death's design. And as part of Death's new design, it could decide to use Peter as its agent. But the only way Molly dying makes sense is if she was "marked" to die either on the day of the skirmish at the restaurant — or on Flight 180 — from the very beginning.
      • Not necessarily the case. 2 established that people surviving what was their pre-determined death messes up death's grand design. It can mess up when people are suppose to die (as seen with the cast of 2), cause other deaths to happen to people who were not planned (the teacher that was killed in place of Eugene) and stall deaths that were supposed to happen (as seen with Brian). Peter trying to kill Molly would not add her to his list since he was never supposed to kill her, he was supposed to have died during the first event and she was destined to die on 180. It's why killing someone who isn't supposed to die works because you are trading spots basically. A person who should be dead but is alive is taking the place of a person who should be alive but is dead.
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    • Simplest explanation? Nobody "put" Molly on Death's list. Pre-premonition, a bereaved Molly arranged a solo trip to Paris in tribute to her late boyfriend's dream of studying there, only to die on Flight 180.
      • Or maybe the bit of bridge that Molly was standing on was destined to collapse under her, too. The vision just neglected to show that part, because she'd have died after Sam.
    • The answer is, in fact, that everything of 5, 1 and 2 was all planned by Death from the get-go. Death has been playing the long con from day one! Not one of the survivors from 5, 1 or 2 were ever meant to have died prior to where they did - the premonitions were merely Death getting them to the right place in the right time. To wit - Sam and his friends were meant to escape the bridge and die in their pre-destined deaths so that Sam and Molly could get on to Flight 180, where they were always meant to die. For a moment, it looks like Death's plan is going wrong and the victims of 2 will survive... until you realise that Death gave Alex the vision to get that group off the plane so that they could die their pre-destined deaths which every character in 2 either witnesses or is affected by in some way so that they can escape earlier "unplanned" deaths and be in the pile-up - Kat survives because Terry is run over by a bus so she doesn't get to the B&B she was staying at that had a gas leak; Thomas survives because he had to clean up Billy's remains; Kimberly survives because she stopped to watch a news report on Todd's death and didn't die with her mother in a car theft/heist that her mother was shot in; Rory avoided the theatre that collapsed because he was so disgusted by Carter's death that he went home instead; Eugene avoided Death because Valerie Lewton died and he was transferred to a new school and avoided being stabbed, the fate of his replacement teacher at his old school, literally the day he was transferred... So, is that where the victims of 2 are meant to die - in the pile-up - you ask? Nope - once again, Death gives Kimberly the vision so she freaks out and they survive the pile-up so that they can die as planned throughout the events of 2. This also means that Brian, who was saved by Thomas saving him from being hit by a truck, was always on Death's list and just didn't know it - he was always meant to be saved, so that he could be blown up by the barbecue later. Yep, Death planned one big honking massacre for twenty four people who had no idea they were doomed from the moment they existed.
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  • So if killing someone means you get their years of life, does that mean that the guy who left the metal whatzit on the racecar from 4 should've survived the speedway disaster, and proceeded to live for centuries afterward? He's inadvertently responsible for dozens of deaths, after all.

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