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Trivia / Final Destination 5

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  • Cast the Expert: Ellen Wroe is a gymnast like her character Candace.
    • During the gymnastics practice scene, Canadian Olympian Brittany Rogers plays the gymnast on the balance beam when Candace is on uneven bars.
  • Deleted Scene: The Blu-Ray contains two alternate death scenes.
    • Isaac gets ignited by the flames because he's standing in the puddle of liquid, as opposed to crushed by the falling Buddha statue.
    • Olivia gets both eyes burned out by the laser instead of one, but still falls to her death.
  • Fake American: Much better than the first three films, though (where the entire casts save the main characters are played by Canadians). Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Olivia) and Brent Strait (Roy) are Canadians, while Arlen Escarpeta (Nathan) is Belizean.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • One planned death would have taken place at a water park.
    • Ashley Tisdale auditioned for the part of Candice.


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