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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The cast of Final Destination 5 doing a viral music video. What's hilarious about it? It's a spoof themed after Saved by the Bell Final Destination-style! See here.
  • The fifth one had several scenes played for laughs. One had Isaac in a spa asking if the Asian woman came with subtitles. Suddenly, subtitles appear.
    • Also in Sam's vision, when Isaac, on the phone, comes out of the bathroom to see what's going on, only to see that the bus is tipping over slowly into the water, maybe gives the most realistic, yet funny reaction in the whole film (Maybe even the whole series) with a Precision F-Strike, screaming "WHAT THE FUCK?!" in the most high pitched tone as he drops his cell.
      • Another example comes after Sam gets everyone off the bus after his vision, and Isaac, witnessing the bridge starting to collapse, lets out a hilarious "HOLY SHIT!" in the exact same tone as the above example.
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    • Basically any scene Issac or Dennis appears.
    • When Dennis is conversing with Agent Block over the phone, he asks if they could have "special code names" whenever they contact each other. Block just shuts his cellphone annoyed.
    • Issac's well-deserved Death by Racism, having his head pulverized by the same Buddha statue that he contemptuously rubbed on the belly while irreverently sneering "Ho ho ho, cut down on the rice cakes, Buddha!!" Mind you, that's coming from a guy who wasn't exactly "fit" either.
      • Molly: "Who dies during a massage, seriously?"
    • At the memorial for the employees who perished in the bridge collapse, Dennis names Issac Palmer as one of the fatalities during his eulogy. Issac, alive and well among the audience, gets confused. Olivia, sitting next to him, starts laughing silently, and to top it all off, Nathan whispers "I see dead people" which is also a subtle clue that it was actually the year 2000 as The Sixth Sense was released in 1999.
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  • Another one. While Molly, Olivia and Sam where at the office discussing Candice's death, Olivia says "Guess we all should have seen that coming," which is quickly followed by Sam and Molly staring at her. She then goes "What? When you see all the crazy shit gymnasts do, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often!"
  • A Black Comedy example. During the opening scene when the bridge collapses, Olivia falls into the water... And survives. Cue a car flying backwards of the bridge and landing on top of her while she floats around. If you listen closely, it almost sounds like she says "Oh fuck" seconds before it hits her.
  • Candice's death in the opening premonition. When she falls, you might be surprised, thinking that the movie is going to avert Soft Water. You will then most likely burst into hysterics when she gets impaled on a sailboat.
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  • Another Black Comedy example: Dennis's death. It happens right when the group of survivors decipher the pattern in Death's design, and try to figure out who's next. Dennis walks in... only to be immediately killed by a wrench being launched right in the face. It then leads to this exchange:
    Nathan: NO SHIT!
  • A dark example, but Nathan's death was somewhat funny. In taking the "Balancing Death's Books" advice, Nathan decides to kill his Jerkass subordinate Roy to get the remainder of his life while Roy takes his place on Death's List. What Nathan didn't know, however, was that the autopsy revealed Roy was going to die soon anyway as he had an enlarged cranial blood vessel that was about to rupture any day. Seconds later, just after hearing this bit of news from a co-worker, a set of landing gear tires from Flight 180 crushes him.
    • Even funnier, the co-worker that tells him that comments "life is a bitch" before moving on, and then the aformentioned death happens, as if Death wanted to prove to be one as well. Also, those are the last words spoken in the series, and actually a pretty fitting closure.
  • Also somewhat dark, but when Peter lists the survivors of the original falling bridge tragedy who didn't deserve to die in even more gruesome ways afterwards, he conveniently skips over Isaac.


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