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Nightmare Fuel / Final Destination 4

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  • Samantha's sons watched as their mother had a rock launched into her face.
  • Cheesy or not, Hunt's death was really bad. Not only is he underwater for a long time, losing air and possibly drowning, but at the same time his colon, stomach, spleen, intestines and pelvic bone are ripped out of his ass from the powerful suction of a pool drain. Sure, he was a dickcheese who even went behind his girl's back, but it's still a slow and excruciating way to go out.
    • But it is, in fact, possible to happen, as his death was inspired on the deaths of two little girls who suffered the same fate in swimming pools back in 2007.
    • One of the more horrifying elements of Hunt's death is that it's a slow death that happens in a crowded, public place and no one notices until it's too late to stop it due to it happening at the bottom of the pool. Most of the slower deaths in the series happen in isolated areas, but in Hunt's final moments there are dozens of people who were just out of reach. Even Nick, who knew that Hunt was in immediate danger and was actively searching for him, can't find him before his guts explode out of the pool pump.
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  • The escalator death in the second premonition. Cheesy? Maybe. But lately, it's slowly becoming a Truth in Television that elevator accidents like that can happen in any normal situation.
  • As cheesy as the movie can be, it does present a disturbing answer for the premonitions. Namely, Death is the one granting them, and not only to Nick, but everyone in the previous films. Why? It's all part of the plan.


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