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Nightmare Fuel / Everybody Loves Raymond

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Debra: Okay, Marie, why don't you go into the kitchen, and Robert, why don't you blink a few times.
  • "A LOVELESS MARRIAGE?!" Mostly a Tear Jerker, but it's the only time in the series that Frank is completely enraged, and it's extremely scary.
  • The frog woman of Massapequa. Robert starts feeling uneasy about her when he clearly tastes something odd on her breath. Ray had witnessed her eating a fly, which Robert didn't believe, and then goes into her bedroom, where she keeps dozens and dozens of frogs in terrariums all over the walls. The Dramatic Thunder in the scene doesn't help, and then she walks in on him trying to escape.
    Angela: You know, Robert.... we all come from frogs.
    • "And then she AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE IIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Ray sounds practically demonic when he says that line. Making things worse, in the behind the scenes feature on the DVD, Ray said that he nearly had to be rushed to the hospital after that line delivery because he nearly fainted and had trouble breathing.
  • In "Lucky Suit", after Marie sends a fax that ruins Robert's FBI interview, he returns home with an exquisitely furious Death Glare on his face that's as terrifying as it is hilarious (shown above). It's one of the few times he looks like the 6'8" giant he is. Ray and Debra notice him before Marie does, and seem genuinely disturbed, and his overall bearing is that he's out to murder somebody.
    Marie: Oh, Robbie, you scared me! How did your interview go?
    Robert: Come here, let me tell you about it...
    • There's also his growl later in that scene, "LISTEN TO ME, WOMAN!!!" It's kinda funny but also pretty unnerving.
  • Frank and Marie driving the car into Ray's house. The couch gets blasted clear across the room—the couch where Ray and Debra had been sitting a few seconds earlier. If they hadn't decided to go upstairs at that moment, they probably would have been killed.
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  • Marie is often sweet if just as often passive aggressive, so you wouldn't imagine she'd be nightmare fuel, right? Not if the way she deals with Robert's ex-wife in Robert's Divorce is any indication. While she uses any words that a mother would use when she finds out her daughter-in-law is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, she delivers said words in a completely low-pitched and unsettling voice that we are NOT used to hearing at all, and when she is called a bitch is any indication, Ray has to physically restrain her. When the ex-wife shows up later in present day and Marie delivers some Sarcasm Mode in her direction, she understandably gets a tad worried. Ray doesn't lie during this exchange:
    Robert: What do I do?
    Ray: I'll tell you what you don't do. You don't call mom a bitch.
  • In a throwaway line, Robert mentions that Ray once tried to convince the postman to babysit. That's kind of a nadir of bad parenting right there. Good thing it happened offscreen.
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  • "Lucky Suit" isn't the only time Robert can be funny and scary at the same time. In "Jealous Robert", when Gianni is dating Amy, the pair run into Robert. Gianni greets him awkwardly, and Robert responds by simply stating Gianni's name in an unnervingly deep voice. In the commentary for a later episode, Jon Manfrellotti inquires as to why the Amy/Gianni relationship never went anywhere after this episode, and Phil Rosenthal explains that the writers felt that if it continued, Robert would have killed Gianni. Called back to in "The Contractor", in which Robert, angry due to Gianni's shoddy contracting work and being reminded of his past with Amy, greets him with a low and menacing, "Hello, Gianni..."
  • The armed robbery in Nemo's Pizza during "The Ride-Along". While Robert handles the situation and nobody is hurt, Ray is visibly shaken for some time afterwards. This is a scenario that happens all-too-often in the real world, and it doesn't always end well.

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