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Newsletter / News2012-02- 11

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Where do you go to read the latest about new tropes?
What about old tropes with new names?
How can you find the best but least linked tropes out there?
Worry no more: Trope Report is here.

Hello, readers! Thank you for looking into this week's edition of Trope Report! We thank everyone who put up with us missing last week again but, as promised, all our content is here today! We've filled all the columns and will continue to do so as our staff works diligently to bring you the news from around the site! So here you go!



The ARG is Landing? The signs are popping up. Two weeks ago, an announcement popped up calling for writers for TV Trope's Alternate Reality Game.

Although the announcement is now down, the forum did seen a glimpse. For a few hours the subforum "ARG!" popped up in the "Wiki and Forums" listing. This had happened before. However, it was marked as a private discussion. But it doesn't change the silent anticipation boiling. Look in the right places, and you can feel the heat.

The Sixth TvTropes Writing Contest is now up in Writer's Block, hosted by Parable. This month's theme (suggested by another one of our staff), is "Music". Simple. Take a song, and write a story that matches in tone/lyrical content.

A panel of five judges is already assembled. This is a higher number than the last contest, where there were only three. One of them had to be replaced—twice, by non-Tropers. Hopefully, it won't be repeated.



If I see the word non-indicative one more time I am going to rage at the ceiling. This week features our typical batch of renames, cuts, re-imaginings, and so forth. Our biggest problem seems to be unclear names that invite misuse or leave a trope to wither and die. But enough talk, here you go.

Spotlight Stealing Trope:

Report Siht rushes up the stairs of Trope Report's office building, cursing under his breath. He holds his article, the paper sheets fluttering under his fingertips.

He reaches Da Editor's office. He chomps a cigar, smoke obscuring his face.

From his harsh tone and the choice words he rambles off, Report Siht could tell Da Editor is far from happy. "Spent too much time researching tropes, eh? Show me the stuff."

Report Siht slaps the article onto the desk and slides it toward his editor. Da Editor reads through his words. As he continues, his hands moved more rapidly along the papers edges.

Da Editor says a few more obscene words. "Do you really want us to run Narrative Profanity Filter?"

Report Siht fidgets. "I was on short notice."

"You had all week!" Da Editor slides the article back to Report Siht. "But never mind that. You and the rest of your co-workers procrastinate all the time. I want this revise in..." he glances toward the clock. "thirty seconds."

"Ah, fudge." Report Siht says. Except he doesn't say "fudge"...

Although harsh language can be used on TV Tropes, in most media, there is a limit. Some of this media bypasses this barrier with made-up words, Symbol Swearing, and the like.

But books sometimes uses Narrative Profanity Filter. Instead of typing the curse word out, the narration can instead write something like "he cursed". Although this is common in Young Adult Literature (where the readers probably already know all the words the book isn't showing), any work with a narrator can use this, although visual media is more awkward about it.

- chihuahua0

Needs More Wiki Love:

Double Date needs more love! This doesn't even need describing, you see it on almost every TV show and in quite a few other mediums as well. Two couples go on a date with each other, Double Date. Many things can happen, most often a person in the first couple is only dating his or her partner to make someone in the second couple jealous. Other times its used to highlight the dysfunctional relationship of Couple One with the more stable Couple Two. More often then not Hilarity Ensues, but they can often end on a dramatic or reflective moment.

It has only four lines of description (six if you count the stuff in parentheses), nine examples, and no image. Its brought six people to TV Tropes since the beginning of last year! It can do better. We all know it can. So get working, people!

Edits From The Editor:

And now a quote from Fast Eddie.

"I thought the bear thing was funny."

Eeew, Chicago fan.

Add More Here:

And that's a wrap people. This week seems pretty darn quiet compared to others but there has been talk about changing a thing or two in regards to Trope Repair Shop. Time and Trope Report will tell if anything comes of it though. So here's to next week! Stay tuned and stay fresh! Though if you're staying tuned you're probably going to stagnate. So just stay fresh and show up next week!


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