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Newsletter / News2010-10- 29

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Where do you go to read the latest about new tropes?
What about old tropes with new names?
How can you find the best but least linked tropes out there?
Worry no more: Trope Report is here.

Hello Troper! Bet you all thought we were gone, huh? Well good news for you we have returned with more news and more gusto than ever! Let us not sweat the small stuff like why we were gone for over a month, let us instead get straight to the matter. What did you come here for? News. That is what Trope Report is here to deliver! And here it is!


Hi new Tropers! Or rather, welcome to the forums, you little lurkers. This weeks greetings are extended to:

Gatling Gundam, Black Wolfe, Blurring, Courtway, fringeman, Robert Mc Nair, Hellman Sabian, Bellacide, Some Color Mage, Otherarrow, OMalley, and Neathalia!

Again, welcome to the forums!

Due to a recent uproar on the forums each Add Post comes with this friendly little reminder - ''Everybody: The wiki is only interested in hosting a friendly, civil forum. Check out the rules. We do enforce them.'' So please, remember to look at it before you type anything that might come back to bite you later.

Ads from Google are currently not on the forums. They have been replaced with Amazon sponsered ads. Read more below to see why.

The Troper on average is a lazy creature. He prefers to spend his days loafing around, eating pizza, and doing as little work as possible. But the one thing the Troper will become highly energetic for is the Change. The Change is like the Hunt for a wild beast. The Change makes the Troper using cunning and will power he normally doesn’t use in his effort to create lasting impact on TV Tropes. Here are the documented changes of the week to show just what the Troper is capable of.


A matter of importance to editing the wiki is the Spoiler policy. To prevent too much of a work from being ruined for someone who has not read it yet certain tropes that spoil a work just by their names will be moved to the bottom of the example list on work pages. To prevent additions of a spoiler trope to a page that already has it in the right section please see this example of how this all works:

Spoiler Warning Text

Whereas someone editing the article would see:

  • Double Entendre - bunch of text
  • Downer Ending moved to Spoiler section, please don't re-add here.
  • Drama Bomb - Bunch of text

Spoiler Warning Text

And the big one, The Situation. As those blue words obviously show you this has warrented its own page to explain what has happened. For a complete update on what has happened please read this thread, the General Announcements, and The Situation page itself. In the meantime here is the abridged version:

On October 27, 2010, Google pulled their ads after they got a report that TV Tropes was not complying with their program policies. Specifically, adult material Google did not wish to have its ads hosted with was the problem. Since Google had never enforced this policy before and we never bothered to enforce it among ourselves it was not a problem until some filed a complaint against us. Google acted according to their own rules and for the moment we are without their support. For the time being we are using alternative methods of support. That’s why you keep getting pop-ups. No need to worry though; there will be a few modification to the wiki that have been or will be implemented soon. Once these are in place TV Tropes will appeal the decision to Google at which point we will no doubt get our ads and the revenue they provide back. The changes that will be most obvious are:

1. Anonymous Editing is no longer allowed. Anyone who wishes to edit the wiki must sign up and sign the TOS. Signing the TOS also applies to already Known Tropers.

2. Adult or Mature pages as well as the forum are to be walled off from the rest of the site and you will need to pass a warning page before you see them. So click on the work or trope, see the “This is for older people. Are you sure you want to see it?” page, click the “Yeah, sure, whatever.” Button and you’ll see the page. Known Tropers will be able to bypass this feature through their Profiles.

3. Additional methods of revenue are currently being discussed. Most prominent is the project to make TV Tropes merchandise ! Want a Tv Tropes Will Ruin Your Life t-shirt? Or a Lethal Chef Apron? Vote in this thread to help us decide what we’ll make and you can buy! Or if you just want to help with nothing in return donate to TvTropes here!

More information will be provided as The Situation unfolds.

Spotlight Stealing Trope:
Noodle Incident.

You know that thing that we did in Havana, with the scotch-tape and the calculators? Yes, it turns out that they want us to do it again, only with fifty college co-eds.

A Noodle Incident is an incident from the far past or the recent past, with key details omitted for humorous purposes. Speculating about an incident that involved chickens, fifteen pens, and the entire cast of Gilligans Island and resulted in mass deportations is much more interesting than actually hearing it.

Speaking of which, your sister wanted to know about the cups- I HAVE BLOCKED THAT MEMORY FROM MY MIND AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! ENOUGH!

Needs More Wiki Love:
Don't we all need more love?

Edits From The Editor:
To anyone wondering where the site servers are located here is Fast Eddie with the answer,

"It moves. It is on Pacific time for historical reasons and none of the founders were living in similar timezones when we started up and just picked CA time out of a hat, figuratively."

"The servers we are on today are in Texas. We may soon be able to move to an 'edge' system, which means the answer to "Where is it based?" could literally be "The Internet."

He says figuratively, but clearly this is to mean that TV Tropes favors California over all other states. Awesome.

Add More Here:
Thats all we can do for today everyone. Thank you for taking a look at the latest news and hopefully this will encourage you to take action on behalf of the wiki. Don't listen to all the doom prophets and naysayers, the wiki is not going anywhere. We have encountered a minor setback and what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger! Expect more Trope Reports (on time) in the near future! Until next time!


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