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Mythology Gag / The Ketsueki Quadrilogy

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Throughout the series, there are plenty of call backs and references, to all four franchises. From quotes and character bits, to scenes from endings and story being recreated.

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    Chishio No Me 
  • Ryu's flashback to Gouken's death, is pulled from the UDON comics, where he finds his master in the same state, with the bloody 'ten' written on the wall.
  • Julia's introduction, is heavily inspired by her Tekken 5 ending, with her dreaming of being in the rejuvenated forest, only to wake up from it. Though this time with some new details, like the invitation to the Blood Tournament and a vision of her dead mother.
  • During the Black Dragon's introduction, Kira mentions that they will no longer be a joke or "a band of pirates." The latter is a nod to her Mortal Kombat Deception bio.
  • Paul's first fight, is against an alien, proclaiming: "Bring it on, ya alien!" This is a clear nod to his Tekken 5 ending, in which he makes a similar challenge, after punching a wall with an alien drawing.
  • Asharh's Mortal Kombat Deception ending, is the key inspiration for her introduction. She defeats Noob Saibot, while Smoke is malfunctioning and ascends to the mortal realm, leaving her Kris behind.
  • According to the Author, Ivy's opening was inspired by her Exhibition Video.
  • Chapter 10, has a dinner scene very similar to the banquet one in Mortal Kombat: The Movie.

    Ano Sentaku Bou 

    Majin Seiryu Ki 
  • In the first chapter, Zafina has two dreams. One of a fight between Jin & Kazama, and the other of the awakening of Azazel. Both are based on scenes, from Tekken 6 opening cinematics.
  • Jin's salute to the Tekkie Force, was also based on a scene from the Tekken 6 intro.
  • Quan-Chi's dome like lair, seems to be based on Quan-Chi's Fortress, a stage from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance & Mortal Kombat: Deception.
  • In chapter 3, Ken mentions that he & Ryu, used to have an old TV & Nintendo, which they would use to play Megaman & Mario. This is a reference to Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, where the boys do indeed play Megaman 2.
  • Lars and Alisa's scenes, with the exception to the ending, are lifted straight from the beginning, of Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign.
  • The King/Marduk vs Poison/Hugo fight, is nearly identical to their Street Fighter X Tekken promotional trailer.

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