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Funny / The Ketsueki Quadrilogy

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As dark as the series could get, there also a couple of laughs along the way. They go here:

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     Chishio No Me 
  • The Running Gag of mugs getting broken (usually by Rose, throwing them at Raiden).
    • It gets to the point, where in Chapter 52, Ken, Yun, Cody and Cassandra, have to steal new mugs from the dinning quarters.…which they all accidentally smash, before having to flee empty handed.
  • Chapter 11 finally marks the beginning of Raiden and Rose Belligerent Sexual Tension. To add to that, while Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi finally join the heroes...this happens.
    Rose: And what's with that stupid hat anyways?
    Raiden: It's called a rice harvester for your information! And why do you have a camel's toe?
    Rose: *enraged* YOU MAKE ME SO ANGRY! What was I thinking when I teamed up with YOU?
    *Raiden throws a lightning bolt at the newcomers...*
    Maxi: RUN!
  • Chapter 15 contains a clock-full of funny moments. To begin with...
    • After the first round of the tournament, Cody, Ken, Lei, McCoy, Wagner and Yang, decide to relax with some Outworld liquor
      McCoy: Now, let’s not drink too much because we might get in trouble.
      Lei: You said it!
      *Twenty Minutes Later*
      Cody: Whoaaaa! I see coloooooors…
      Wagner: I feel GREAT! I loooove hard liquor!
      Yang: Me TOO!
      Ken: I can’t feel feelings…I wonder if that’s a goooood thing.
      McCoy: *singing* I’ve been wooooorking ooooon the raiiiilroaaaad!
      Lei: *attempts to dance the Marcarena, but fails as he falls back in the sand* Heeelp, I’m drowniiing!
    • And when Rose reprimands the group, Raiden on the other hand...
      Rose: What kind of influences will you be to your future children? You are the defenders of the realms for crying out loud!
      Raiden: Yeah, and how dare you did not invite the Thunder God to drink with you!
    • How Cassandra joins the heroes. Bored out of her mind, she walks through the forest only to find the hot springs...and Ibuki, Maki, Sakura, Asuka and Maki peeping at the boys. The funny part? Xianghua catches them red-handed and they quickly stumble on the fence, making it collapse and surprising the men inside.

     Ano Sentaku Bou 

     Majin Seiryu Ki 

     Sukui No Tsubasa 

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