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Tear Jerker / The Ketsueki Quadrilogy

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The official Tear Jerker entry for the fanfic.

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     Chishio No Me 
  • Poor Scott Wagner, has had it rough. At the young age of 8, the poor boy lost his whole family, at the hands of Bison. For years, Scott believed he was the only one to survive, only to discover, that his older sister Lisa, had actually lived, though now turned into a Doll by the Shadaloo leader. His only other family, had been twisted into a mindless servant for years, and he never knew.
  • Chapter 3, Eliza begging Ken, not to participate in the Blood Tournament, fearing that he might die and their son, Mel, will have to become fatherless from it.
  • The death of Gouken, in the same chapter. Also qualifies as Nightmare Fuel, with Akuma's signature symbol painted on the wall, with his brother's blood.
  • When asked about his fiancee Rena Genryusai, Guy reveals that she had passed away from Leukemia, four years prior to the story. While Rena, wasn't the most prominent character in the Final Fight or Street Fighter series', her death becomes an important role in Guy's story.
  • Despite canonically taking place before the start of Deadly Alliance, Chapter 6 reveals that the assassination of Liu Kang still occurred, with many of his friends mourning him. Kitana in particular.
  • Maki's reaction to Master Christopher's sexual advances and rapist undertones, is rather chilling. Even after beating him, she is rather shaken at the events, crying and running towards her friends.

     Ano Sentaku Bou 

     Majin Seiryu Ki 

     Sukui No Tsubasa 

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