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With how big of a Massive Multiplayer Crossover the Akko Kagari Universe is, many elements from the canon of the works involved in the crossover have to be modified or even tossed out entirely in order to make the worldbuilding even possible. That being said, Red Reef is still able to slip in some references to the source materials.

References to Little Witch Academia

  • Akko shudders at the thought of being turned into a goldfish by Mr. Mxyzptlk. She did exactly that to herself (poorly) in the episode "Orange Submariner" of the anime.
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  • Barbara mocks Akko's inability to fly a broom by suggesting that she gets some training wheels. In the anime, she literally gave Akko a broom with training wheels after mocking her.
  • As Akko and gang head to the library to warn Diana about the rampaging Minotaur, they overhear her chanting "Makmur Mikmur Mektoral", the spell that activates Shiny Arc in the original short film and The Enchanted Parade.
  • Sucy kills the Minotaur by dumping a vial of poison in its mouth, causing it to liquefy into a puddle of gore, with her commenting that "I guess it was a little too strong" are all straight from the original short film.
  • Akko panicking over Professor Pisces "dying" is also from "Orange Submariner". The only difference here is that Pisces is just playing dead to troll her.
  • Minor character Avery is briefly identified in Seven Stars as "Avery Buckland". She is voiced by Kira Buckland in the anime.
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  • The seal that imprisoned the Titan in The Enchanted Parade shows up briefly in White Witch. Although here its inmate is a different kind of Titan.
  • Immediately after visiting the aforementioned seal, Akko and gang visits the Last Wednesday Society store, whose clerk is noted to "look an awful lot like someone from that American television program". That's because the clerk in question is indeed based on Chumlee from Pawn Stars in the anime, according to Studio Trigger.
  • In Contest of Champions, Akko fights the Xenomorphs in the first challenge the exact same way she fought Daryl's snake familiars in the anime.
  • Susan Mambavaran punishes Garie and Sabi by zapping them with lightning, as she did in an official manga.
  • Akko scoffs at Amanda being afraid about Croix' cube containing her secret diary about her having been tricked into creating a virus might turn into a nuclear monster missile, which happened at the end of the TV series (a magic cube monster hijacking a nuclear ICBM).

References to Harry Potter

Even though the Harry Potter books exists in this series's universe, elements from the books are still referenced in such a way that imply they exist or have happened for real in-universe note .

  • On her first visit to London in Seven Stars, Akko notices a boy with a scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead getting beaten up by a bunch of other kids. The boy with the scar is most definitely an unnamed cameo by Harry himself.
    • Harry makes a second unnamed cameo in Contest of Champions where during the Third Challenge of the titular Contest, the story suddenly cuts away to tell the readers that in a different part of the world, the weed that was supposed to help him breathe underwater didn't work and he drowned as a result. Unfortunately, both of his cameos are done with the sole purpose of attacking his home series that ended up becoming Big Lipped Alligator Moments.
  • Blair mentioned that during their school years, she and Chariot once crashed a flying car into a living tree "in the middle of nowhere Scotland". That is most certainly a reference to where Harry and Ron did the exact same thing in ''Chamber of Secrets", with the living tree being the Whomping Willow itself. It being in Scotland may be referencing how Hogwarts in the films is doubled by a real Scottish castle.
    • Blair also mentioned a redheaded boy that wouldn't stop staring at her tits, who she claims "won't be having kids anytime soon". The boy in question is implied to be Ron himself.
  • Blair's "official Luna Nova toilet seat" joke at the beginning of Seven Stars which gets referenced again at the end of it is a perfect recreation of Fred and George Weasley's "official Hogwarts toilet seat" joke from Philosopher's Stone.
  • Mr. Kagari indirectly mentions Diagon Alley when wondering how Akko is going to pick up her supplies for classes at Luna Nova, only to be dismissed by Mrs. Kagari, Akko, and Blair as a load of bullshit.
    • He also indirectly references Platform 9 =3/4= when wondering how Akko is going to get to Luna Nova, which is similarly dismissed as bullshit by the same three people.

References to other works involved in the crossover.

In order to not confuse Mythology Gags with simple Shout Outs, characters whose entire role in the series are literally just One-Scene Wonder cameos (such as those of Tracer and Winston in Seven Stars) and events that bear no importance to the plot whatsoever (such as Jennifer defeating the Mad Titan Thanos, as mentioned in a historical record in White Witch) should not be included in the examples below.

  • Makoto Kowata is mentioned during the first Broom Flying class in Seven Stars to have earned the nickname of "Flying Witch" during her childhood.
  • Croix's meeting with Albert Wesker as shown in a virtual reality recording has the former briefly bringing up Tristar, the name of the organization that eventually replaced Umbrella Corp in the latter's home franchise.
  • White Witch refers to Izetta, who has it as her title in her home series.
    • Also, she finally gets to wear her iconic white dress in Gospel of Aradia.
  • Nanoha mentions that the Doppelganger transformed itself into a Sentinel when it's her turn in the Magical Self-Defense class in White Witch.

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