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Why Akko's horrible stepaunt Kirai hates her stepniece that much
Kirai not only hates everyone not baseline human (i.e. "demi-humans", but doesn't know Akko is one), she's also a nationalist extremist who hates pretty much everyone not of the "Yamato race" (i.e. Japanese).

After the current enemy is defeated, a new enemy will stand up:
  • Magic supremacists with Diana's asshole aunt Daryl at the helm (becoming a Composite Character of Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy)
Warning, heavy spoilers for Attack on Titan in the next one!!
  • Titan shifters trying to finish what Eren Jaeger and/or Ymir Fritz started: Kill 'Em All and let the gods sort 'em out (with Jasminka playing the role of the "Rogue Titan" before he got his past and future memories unlocked)!

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