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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The Akko Kagari Universe is probably one of the worst offenders, beaten by only My Immortal when it comes to the number of BLAMs it has. Although unlike My Immortal, the Akko Kagari Universe at least had a coherent plot. That being said...
    • Seven Stars:
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    • White Witch:
      • When Akko prepares to defend herself from Izetta, she is somehow able to disable the Shiny Rod by shouting "Nix!" at it. How she knows the spell is never mentioned, and the spell itself was never brought up again for the rest of the book. Subverted, in that it does turn up again in Contest of Champions which has Jennifer doing the same thing, and reveals that "Nix" is just one of several deactivation phrases for the Shiny Rod.
    • Contest of Champions:
  • Crosses the Line Twice
    • Seven Stars recreates the famous scene from the original OVA where Sucy feeds the Minotaur a vial of poison, which causes it to melt into a puddle of gore. Except this time, it's Akko instead of Hannah who throws up at the revolting sight. Ursula has an identical reaction later when she comes to investigate alongside the other professors.
    • In White Witch, Izetta reveals that she hid one of the Seven Stars by swallowing it. Having the gem in her stomach predictably caused her some... health problems. But how does she get it out after she broke out of Dol Gudur? Well...
    Akko: "Ew! Yuck!"
    • In Contest of Champions, Evelyn revealing that she possessed Mato and manipulated Akko into doing Amon's work in the Contest of Champions is nothing short of a serious Wham Line. But the seriousness briefly fades away when she briefly rants about the Grandmaster revealing that the Contest's score tally does absolutely nothing in determining which team wins, and you probably can't help but laugh about it.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment
    • One of the things mentioned in the news report in the prologue of Seven Stars is "Americans electing a competent president". While it was funny at first, it stopped being so after Donald Trump, the US President IRL as of this writing, made several decisions with both national and international ramifications that called his competence as POTUS into question. Especially after Evil Within revealed that he does exist in this series' universe, and is a member of the Purifiers.
    • When Mr. Kagari is sifting through the letters early in Seven Stars, one of the letters mentions that Mrs. Kagari's sister (and Akko's aunt) got food poisoning from eating a bad potato, with Mr. Kagari sounding like he is glad that it happened. This initially just sounds like a case of Black Comedy, but then said sister (and aunt) appeared in person in White Witch, and her characterization made you wished that she got more than the aforementioned food poisoning instead...
    • Harry screwing up his teleportation in Chamber of Secrets is Played for Laughs, and the subsequent attacks on Hogwarts has nothing to do with it. But Akko making the exact same screw-up in Evil Within is pretty much the whole reason the attacks on Luna Nova happened.
      • It got even worse when Evelyn, the entity responsible for the aforementioned attacks eventually joined Jennifer in Contest of Champions, meaning Akko basically (albeit accidentally) gave Jennifer her trump card.
    • The Keisuke Sato Little Witch Academia manga has a chapter where Jasminka, after being forced to fast by Akko, has the hunger spirit in her go on a rampage and (non-fatally) eating several Luna Nova students (two of which are presented in Bathos-laden angles). You can't take that chapter seriously due to how crappy it was executed (as well as the aforementioned two victims), but once you read Contest of Champions and find out that Jasminka is a Titan Shifter who was forced to (fatally) eat her own grandfather to inherit the Titan power, you probably can.
  • Harsher in Hindsight
    • Prisoner of Azkaban has Harry's Nimbus 2000 broom getting destroyed by the Dementors. There is no doubt that it is a Tear Jerker scene. White Witch, which adapts Prisoner of Azkaban, has the same thing happen to Shooting Star courtesy of the Heartless. But whereas the Nimbus 2000 is just a broom that could be repaired or replaced, the Shooting Star is very much a character in its own right, and its destruction is less of a property getting destroyed and more of a Character Death.
    • Izetta blowing up Zurich and killing hundreds of people automatically became this in light of recent terrorist attacks in real life.
    • In Evil Within, Luna Nova was under the threat of being shut down due to the ongoing attacks by the Hive Virus. In March 2020, the worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the shutdown of many facilities such as schools, stores and so on around the world.
      • When Gospel of Aradia saw the release of its 6th chapter, an entire year after the 5th, Red Reef reveals that the hiatus is due to him being tested positive for COVID-19 (thankfully he recovered and then got vaccinated), making the entire premise of Evil Within much harsher in hindsight.
      • It gets even worse when you realize that Albert Wesker, who created the Hive Virus, is working for the Purifiers who are motivated entirely by Fantastic Racism. The COVID-19 outbreak having its origins in China has indirectly encouraged racism against the Chinese and by extension East Asians in general in much of the western world.
      • Speaking of a bioweapon created by a villain motivated entirely by Fantastic Racism, this turns out to be precisely what Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals did in regards to Beastmen in Brand New Animal.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Akko and Ursula (aka Chariot) both reacted to what Sucy's potion did to the Minotaur by vomiting into a dustbin (the same dustbin, even). On first viewing, any reader would've just assumed it was done to show (like in canon) that Akko and Chariot are similar. But once you find out at the end of Seven Stars that Chariot is Akko's mother in this fic's universe, their exact same reaction becomes this. Like mother, like daughter?
    • Although it is almost never brought up by the fan base, the fact that Izetta resembles Chariot becomes this trope when we discover in White Witch that Izetta and Chariot in this series' universe are sisters.
    • In Contest of Champions, Ryuko and Satsuki at one point remarks that they wished Akko went to Honnoji Academy instead of Luna Nova, so they can have the Star-born Child as their classmate. In Red Reef's next work, Trigger Quartet, they do end up having Akko (& the rest of her friends) as their classmate (along with Luluco, Michiru, and their respective friends), just not in Honnoji.
    • The biggest reveal of Contest of Champions is the Great Witch Jennifer getting brought forward in time to act as a Conqueror From The Past. One of her historical achievements is her defeating the Mad Titan Thanos. Not too long later in another universe, a different incarnation of Thanos would try something similar.
    • Barbara mentions in Seven Stars that Magitronics is the type of magic that she specializes in. Then in Gospel of Aradia, we're introduced to her mother, Angela, who knows next to nothing about technology in general.
  • Les Yay/Ho Yay:
    • Akko and Diana, of course
    • Amelia O'Neil (Amanda's sister) and Wangari
    • Diana's mothers, Bernadette Cavendish and her wife, Athena Metis-Cavendish (it is not unreasonable to speculate that they both were Diana's biological mothers, as well, as they're both witches and magic is real in this 'verse)
    • Constanze's two fathers
    • Barbara is in love with Hannah, but can't find the courage to confess her feelings
    • Constanze is in love with Amanda, but didn't find the courage to confess her feelings, either
    • Ursula and Croix seem to be an item, as well (e.g. Constanze and Akko mistakenly thought that Ursula was cheating on Croix with Master Noah)
    • Izetta's childhood friend Finé (the archduchess of Eylstadt from Izetta's home franchise) seems to be more to her than a "mere" friend
  • Spoiled by the Format: The AO3 version of the series is particularly guilty of this because of the tag function. While character tags avoids this by not tagging characters whose mere presence will give away the plot, Red Reef is quite terrible at avoiding this with the miscellaneous tags, seeing as the tag list for Seven Stars gave away the fact that Chariot is Akko's biological mom in this setting.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • You probably jumped into Seven Stars thinking it is just a retelling of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, with Akko in Harry's role and so on. So the appearances and mentionings of Kobayashi, Tohru, Nanoha Takamachi, and Blair note  may come off as very unexpected for you the first time. And that was just the first chapter... note 
    • You can definitely say you are surprised to see Jennifer the Great Witch showing up in person in Contest of Champions, as no other Little Witch Academia fanworks have ever done this.
    • Evelyn, the embodiment of the Hive Virus and the Big Bad of Evil Within, makes a surprise reappearance in Contest of Champions, having possessed Mato and the rest of Team Black Star Academy.

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