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The Ready Set is a one-man-band from Fort Wayne, Indiana, with Jordan Mark Witzigreuter as its frontman. Jordan chose the stage name 'the Ready Set' because so many people had trouble with his last name. The Ready Set's music is generally electro-pop. The band has been featured on television shows like "So Random" and "Oh Sit!" as well as Silent Library.

There are multiple video series created by Jordan, and they include "The Ready Setisodes" (all seasons) "Hold Up Let Me Talk" and "TRS Art Class." Often compared to bands like Owl City, Never Shout Never, and Catching Your Clouds.

The Ready Set provides examples of:

  • Anti-Role Model: Jordan is actually very clean-cut and music is extremely clean, but he declares that he is not a role model, and even has a setisode dedicated to the topic.
  • As Himself: In a lot of the Setisodes, Jordan plays himself and just the fact that he's a one-man-band declares this.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The original music video for 'Love Like Woe' was about a group of teens/young-adults running from zombies and having a party in a safe-house/shed. One of the zombies is featured in the 'More then Alive' music video and is an important and mysterious character in the plot of the video.
  • The Cameo: Pete Wentz is the zombie that appears in the beginning of "Love Like Woe" and is also the one who grabs Jordan near the end of the video. He also appears in various setisodes.
  • The Comically Serious: Jordan plays this in a lot of interviews and videos. Some famous incidents including 'films on a bus' setisode and basically all of his TRS art classes, where he says purposely wrong information about what he's drawing and acts completely serious about it to the point where it's almost impossible not to laugh out loud while watching the videos.
  • Lyric Video: The video for "Give Me Your Hand" features a girl performing ASL to the viewer and to the people on the street.