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Stormlord are an Italian band formed in 1991 who play in a style they call "Extreme epic metal", which blends Black Metal with elements of Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal, and Power Metal. For the sake of simplicity, they are often simply classified as symphonic black metal.

Lyrically, Stormlord's songs mostly deal with fantasy, historical, and mythological themes, with Greek Mythology in particular being a favorite of theirs.

Stormlord's albums:

  • Supreme Art of War (1999)
  • At the Gates of Utopia (2001)
  • The Gorgon Cult (2004)
  • Mare Nostrum (2008)
  • Hesperia (2013) - A concept album based on The Aeneid

Tropes applicable to Stormlord include:

  • Concept Album: Hesperia is about The Aeneid.
  • Golem: "Emet" is about one of these.
  • Gorn: The music video to their song "Under the Boards" is basically a horror movie in five minutes, starring a serial killer who decapitates, dismembers, disembowels, and inflicts Eye Scream on his victims.
  • Medusa: The subject of a few of their songs, including The Curse of Medusa and The Gorgon Cult.
  • Robot War: Neon Karma, which is about the extinction of humanity and their robotic replacements.
  • Surprisingly Gentle Song: The Castaway, despite being mostly sung using Harsh Vocals, uses acoustic guitars instead of electric.