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Story Untold (formerly Amasic) is a French Canadian Pop Punk and Alternative Rock band from Montreal, Québec, Canada formed in 2009 by frontman, Janick Thibault as a solo project on YouTube originally under the name Amasic. In 2012, he brought on Matt McCormack to help on bass and backing vocals, in 2013, he brought on Jessy Bergy on lead guitar and Mehdi Zidani on drums. Janick played rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, and sang up until 2016 when they brought on Max Roll Cloutier to play rhythm guitar, as Janick wanted to focus solely on singing. That same year, McCormack left the band to pursue college, leaving Aiden Von Rose to take his place as the band signed to Hopeless Records and released their first EP. Over the next few years, Zidani left in 2017, Cloutier left in 2018, and Bergy left in 2019, being replaced by Jonathan Landry and Diego Stanger, with a third likely to follow, in the respective years the other members left. In 2018, the band released their first studio album, Waves and toured around North America and Europe.


  • Story Untold (EP) (2016)
  • Waves (2018)


  • Anachronic Order: Hopeless uploaded the songs from their first EP with them in a really random order, or at least ordered the songs in the playlist for it in a random order. Though, this DOES have the added side effect of having 'History' last, where it fits better than in the actual track order.
  • California: The song, 'California' is about moving there and living up the rock star life by partying.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Janick's heard about how much he looks and sounds like Alex Gaskarth, even changing his Twitter name several times to be puns on his and Alex's names being fused together.
  • Pop Punk: Mainly influenced by fellow French Canadian band, Simple Plan (whom Janick has known for years and has made several covers of as well as written with), the band is also influenced by Green Day, blink-182, All Time Low, and others, the band doesn't fall into any of the trappings Simple Plan has and has become a pretty good late-2010s Pop Punk band with Alternative Rock leanings.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: 'All The Same (Once a Liar, Always A Liar)' was written after Janick experienced a bad break-up as the album was being written.