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Music / Steve Aoki

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Steve Aoki in 2022

Steven Hiroyuki Aoki (born 30 November 1977) is an American-born DJ and musician.

He became famous for his songs "Boneless (Delirious)" and his debut album, Wonderland which was nominated a couple grammys.

His father is Rocky Aoki, who was a famous wrestler and the founder of Benihana. This has helped his career as a DJ take off. He also does charity events and founded the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund. Also he created Dim Mak Records in 1996.

Tropes in Steve Aoki include:

  • Disney Acid Sequence: In the video for "Turbulence" featuring Lil Jon, it cuts back and fourth between footages of the boys preforming and in colorful cloud backgrounds.
  • Family Business: He is essentially an heir to his famed father Rocky Aoki and became famous due to the wealthy background. His brother, Kevin also found restaurant called Doraku Sushi.
  • Good-Times Montage: In the music video for "No Beef", it is a compilation of him and Afrojack in Las Vegas doing random things there and squirting champagne on everyone at a concert.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Steve chugs large amounts of champagne on stage at some concerts and he is not affected health-wise.
  • Multilingual Song: Arie, Mi Gente, and Azukita.
  • Nice Guy: Despite his aforementioned wealthy background, he's very much this. He interacts with his fans frequently through Twitter, and likes the social aspect of life quite a bit.
  • Signature Move: Steve is very athletic and used jumping as a trademark.