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Archive is a British trip-hop/Alternative Rock band founded in 1994.

Fronted by Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths, Archive released its first album, Londinium, in 1996; lead vocals were by Roya Arab and Rosko John. The style was influenced by Massive Attack's brand of trip-hop. The album received moderate critical acclaim, but tensions within the band resulted in a split later that year—according to some sources, said split happened mid-interview.


The band re-formed in 1997, this time using Suzanne Wooder as lead vocalist, and released its second album, Take My Head, two years later. It used electronica and beat loops to nice effects, but Wooder didn't stay in the band. Since then, Archive has released five more albums, You All Look The Same To Me in 2002, Noise in 2004, Lights in 2006, Controlling Crowds in 2009 and With Us Until You're Dead in 2012. The general evolution of the band's music has been away from trip-hop and towards Progressive Rock.


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