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From left to right: Casey Aylward, Daniel Schwartz, Brett Boland, and Matt St. Jean

Astronoid are a band from Lowell, Massachusetts, coming to fruition in 2012. With a mix of post-metal, progressive rock, blackgaze, dream-pop, and thrash metal, they have put together melodic, highly uplifting music that some have described as "dream thrash." Beginning as a project in the studio between the vocalist & guitarist, and the bassist, they started with a sound that could be compared to Devin Townsend, Alcest, Deafheaven, Emperor, The Mars Volta, and many others. They would go on to release two EPs, November & Stargazer. After signing on to the Blood Music label, the band would go on to release their debut LP Air in 2016. Often considered "happy black & thrash metal", their music is highly uplifting, thanks to utilizing melodic guitar notes and the vocalist's soaring, dreamy singing voice. There are no screamed vocals, and the band designs their sound to please the listener in a positive light. Mike De Mellia, one of three guitarists for Astronoid, left the band to pursue other creative interests, as announced in October of 2018. After extensive touring with Ghost Bath, Animals as Leaders, and others, the band discretely hit the studio and recorded their sophomore self-titled album, to be released on February 1st, 2019. A music video was announced and released in November, 2018, for their first single, "I Dream in Lines."


  • Brett Boland - Vocals, Guitars
  • Casey Aylward - Guitar
  • Daniel Schwartz - Bass
  • Matt St. Jean - Drums

Former Members

Album Discography

  • Air (2016)
  • Astronoid (2019)
  • Radiant Bloom (2022)


  • Breather Episode: Even in an album which has such a positive vibe throughout, their fourth track, "Violence" from their debut album fits.
  • Genre Roulette: They blend many genres, mostly derived from heavy metal, into their sound, but all of them lead to the mood that has become synonymous with the band:
    • Thrash metal (their drum and riffing speed is derived from this)
    • Black metal (often considered a lighter variant of blackgaze)
    • Alternative rock (shoegazing in particular, with the band embracing this style completely on their self-titled album)
    • Post-rock
    • Progressive rock (Devin Townsend is a huge influence on their work)
    • Pop rock (it was 'hidden' in the mix for their debut, but it's very much there)
    • Punk rock
  • Lighter and Softer: Being known (albeit divisively) as a "dream thrash" group, they're definitely lighter and softer than most extreme metal bands. This is entirely by design.
    • Their self-titled album is this compared to the often thrash-y debut. It is far more of a shoegaze affair than previous works.
  • Post-Rock: Comprises one of the aspects of their sound.
  • Soprano and Gravel: Brett Boland sings in a rather angelic, ethereal falsetto range. This is one of the primary reasons their sound is considered so dreamy and uplifting to the ear.
  • Subdued Section: "Violence" on their debut album, "Air."