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Lolly Vegas, Pat Vegas, Pete DePoe, and Tony Bellamy

"Lolly and I decided we were going to get back to our roots. Everybody said 'No, man, that ain't gonna make it, that ain't gonna happen. Indians don't sing.'"
Pat Vegas, Redbone member

Redbone was a Funk Rock band founded in 1969 by brothers Lolly and Pat Vegas. Their best known single, "Come and Get Your Love", was a Top 5 Billboard hit in 1974. They are the only Native American band to have reached that milestone.

In 2021 a graphic novel, Redbone: The True Story of a Native American Rock Band by Christian Staedler and Sonia Paoloni and illustrated by Thibault Balahy, was published.

Original Members:

  • Lolly Vegas, guitar and vocals
  • Pat Vegas, bass and vocals
  • Peter DePoe, drums
  • Tony Bellamy, guitar and vocals

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Come and Get Your Love

MAJOR SPOILERS FOR GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!<br><br><br><br>The first Guardians of The Galaxy movie opens to Come and Get Your Love by Redbone, as Peter Quill is casually dancing on the planet Morag. Fittingly enough, one of the last shots of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3, and this team as a whole, is set to this very same song, as Rocket leads his team on another mission.

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