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Hammers of Misfortune are an American Progressive Metal band from San Francisco, California. The group was founded by John Cobbett, ex-guitarist of Slough Feg, under the name Unholy Cadaver before naming themselves after a song on their demo EP. Starting as a Death Metal band, the group had long since began to incorporate Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, and Folk Metal to their sound, among other genres of music.


  • John Cobbett - Guitars
  • Joe Hutton - Vocals
  • Leila Abdul-Rauf - Guitar, Vocals
  • Sigrid Sheie - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Paul Walker - Bass
  • Will Carroll - Drums

Former Members:

  • Janis Tanaka - Bass, Vocals
  • Mike Scalzi - Guitars, Vocals
  • Jamie Myers - Bass, Vocals
  • Ron Nichols - Bass
  • Patrick Goodwin - Guitar, Vocals
  • Jesse Quattro - Vocals
  • Max Barnett - Bass
  • Chewy Marzolo - Drums


  • Unholy Cadaver EP (1998) (as Unholy Cadaver)
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  • The Bastard (2001)
  • The August Engine (2003)
  • The Locust Years (2006)
  • Fields/Church of Broken Glass (2008)
  • 17th Street (2011)
  • Dead Revolution (2016)

Hammers of Misfortune provides tropes for:

  • Badass Boast: A few, "The Dragon Is Summoned" begins with a rather great one;
    I am the maelstrom's deafening song
    The ether through which the fallen descend
    I am the frightful dance of the flames
    The pain of creation and violent end
    I am the sculptor of wreckage and ruin
    The creator and destroyer of all
    Where is the sacrifice unto my shrine?
    Where is the blood I took for my wine?
  • Harsh Vocals: At times, mostly seen in their demo and The Bastard.
  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse: "Famine's Lamp" mentions Famine, Pestilence, Death, and War in that order.
  • Nature Metal: Hammers of Misfortune recorded their debut "The Bastard", which is a dark fantasy tale about an orphan who murders a tyrant king, and allows the beasts, plants, and creatures of the forest to destroy all civilization in the surrounding area. In the end, he learned that he is really a forest sapling that was turned into a human, and little more than a pawn in a Dragon's scheme to get rid of the humans.
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  • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly: Especially in their early works, which was a hybrid of Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Folk Metal, Black Metal, and Doom Metal.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: "Trot Out the Dead" delivers a pretty hefty one;
    If the people wonder at the suffering you've caused
    And your massive avarice has left them at a loss
    If by chance they notice your bloody snapping jaws
    the blood upon your claws
    your shifty eyes and laws
    the nauseating flaws in all you've said

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