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Mieszko and Ziemowit, with Be Yourself on their shirts.

Grupa Operacyjna is a Polish music group that started as a four-person group in 1996 but really took off in 2005. It had Mieszko Sybilski, originally known as Fox, as the main rapper and Ziemowit Brodzikowski as the main producer and occasional role. They specialise in hip-hop and rap with a comedic edge, often making jokes involving other Polish celebrities or the harsh reality of life. In November 2012 Mieszko announced that he is suspending the band's activity, as he lacked the material to keep making songs and didn't want to force them.

The group's official website can be found here (in Polish). They also have an official YouTube account, though most of it was removed for some reason (it was after this article was published, but TV Tropes is likely not responsible). You can still find their songs and music videos elsewhere.

Albums released:

  • Terapia shokowa (2005)
  • Ostry dyżur (2007), with a remaster titled Ostry dyżur: Mordo ty moja released the same year
  • Stan wyjątkowy (2008)
  • Materiał wybuchowy (2010)

This band's music and their music videos provide examples of:

  • Animated Music Video: The music video for "Pomocy" is animated by GIT Production, likely because its subject material would have been too obscene or hard to show realistically.
  • Be Yourself: "Bądź Sobą" hammers in that if you don't know who to be, be yourself, not some celebrity.
  • Brainless Beauty: "Bądź Sobą"'s music video has the parody of Doda, who wears a seethrough shirt and is quite bosomy but also tends to make stupid expressions and wave her hand all the time.
  • Censor Box: "Prezes" has the titular character remove his pants in front of the soldier commision, with his butt being censored by a black box.
  • Chainsaw Good: "Pomocy" has Mieszko kill Ibisz (or at least, make him have an hemorrage) with a chainsaw.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: "Prezes" has the titular character who tends to very weird things, like selling one dollar at a bureau de change or messaging the police with his pizza order.
  • Counterfeit Cash: "Prezes" shows the eponymous character printing a pile of 10-zloty bills with Mieszko's face.
  • Disposing of a Body: "Pomocy" has Mieszko considering getting rid of his ex-patient by throwing her out a window, but decides against it as she wouldn't fit in it.
  • Fan Disservice: "Prezes" has the titular character take off his pants in front of a military commision. As he's fat and bald, it's not appealing, but fortunately there's a censor box in front of his private parts.
  • Flatline: "Pomocy" has Mieszko's patient's cardiogram show a cardiogram reaching 0 after his patient dies. He decides to make beeping sounds to cover that fact in case the ordinator comes.
  • Moral Guardians: Mocked in "Świr na Scenie". People like critics, priests and therapists think that rap makes kids stupid.
  • Shout-Out: "Pomocy" has Orzeł 1, a ship owned by Kapitan Bomba, fly by at 0:31 and 2:55 time marks.
  • Take That!: Plenty. For instance, "Świr na Scenie" takes potshots at the express in Włoszczowa, Wielgus, Rojek, Młynarska Agata and TVP 2, Moral Guardians, educators, and Miecugow.
  • World War III: "Trzecia Wojna Światowa", as the name implies. It is describes as a war to survive, a war on the streets and in homes, between everything and everyone. But when you look deeper into the song's lyrics, it actually describes a crappy everyday scenario.