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Music / GodWeenSatan: The Oneness

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"By the word of the Boognish, I say lordy lordy lord I'm comin' home!"

"You fucked up, you bitch, you really fucked up
You fucked up - you fuckin' nazi whore
Well, you dicked me over but now you'll pay
You fucked up ... Aaaahhh!"
You Fucked Up

GodWeenSatan: The Oneness is the debut album of the American alternate rock band, Ween. It was released in 1990 on Twin/Tone Records, making it the only release by the band on the label before moving to Shimmy Disc, and then Electra. This album is notable for tracks like "You Fucked Up", "Nan", and "L.M.L.Y.P." among others, with the three named tracks remaining concert staples. In 2001, the album was reissued on Restless Records with three bonus tracks to commemorate the album's "25thnote  anniversary". The album's vulgar sense of humor, distorted vocals, bizarre lyrical content, and lo-fi sonic textures laid the groundwork for many of Ween's future releases.



  1. "You Fucked Up" - (1:37)
  2. "Tick" - (1:53)
  3. "I'm in the Mood to Move" - (1:16)
  4. "I Gots a Weasel" - (1:22)
  5. "Fat Lenny" - (2:07)
  6. "Cold + Wet" - (1:12)
  7. "Bumblebee" - (1:19)
  8. "Bumblebee Part Two" - (1:23)*
  9. "Don't Laugh (I Love You)" - (2:49)
  10. "Never Squeal" - (2:25)
  11. "Up on the Hill" - (1:56)
  12. "Wayne's Pet Youngin'" - (1:41)
  13. "Nicole" - (9:20)
  14. "Common Bitch" - (1:46)
  15. "El Camino" - (2:17)
  16. "Old Queen Cole" - (1:34)
  17. "Stacey" - (1:58)*
  18. "Nan" 2:55)
  19. "Licking the Palm for Guava" - (1:07)
  20. "Mushroom Festival in Hell" - (2:35)
  21. "L.M.L.Y.P." - (8:48)
  22. "Papa Zit" - (1:15)
  23. "Hippy Smell" - (2:11)*
  24. "Old Man Thunder" - (0:23)
  25. "Birthday Boy" - (3:31)
  26. "Blackjack" - (4:36)
  27. "Squelch the Weasel" - (3:11)
  28. "Marble Tulip Juicy Tree" - (5:24)
  29. "Puffy Cloud" - (2:40)

    *Denotes songs only on the 2001 reissue.


I'm in the mood to whip your tropes with a tire iron:

  • A Cappella: "Up on the Hill", being a gospel song worshiping the demon-god Boognish (pictured on the cover), fittingly starts as this, until it breaks out into a guitar-driven punk song in the second half.
  • Affectionate Parody: "L.M.L.Y.P." is a homage to Prince.
  • Bee Afraid: Exaggerated in "Bumblebee", where the narrator was stung by a single bumblebee forty-seven thousand times in the brain.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: "You Fucked Up" is a song consisting mostly of swear words.
  • Entitled to Have You: The narrator of "Nan", Eddie Dingle, starts the song by singing about how he loves a girl named "Nan", and then later in the song he catches Nan with another man named "Danny", and goes on a tangent on how Nan is a "fuckin bitch" for choosing Danny over him.
  • Epic Rocking: "Nicole" and "L.M.L.Y.P.", both over eight minutes long.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: "El Camino", which apparently translates into "The Way". However, "El Camino" is the name for a real car (the Chevrolet El Camino), which is most likely what this song was inspired by.
  • Last Note Nightmare: "Don't Laugh (I Love You)", the second half of "Nicole".
  • Minimalistic Cover Art: The album art is just the band's logo sandwiched between the two other parts of the title, "God" and "Satan", against a contrasting pink background.
  • Miniscule Rocking: "Old Man Thunder" is the shortest song on the album, clocking in at under thirty seconds.
  • Pastiche: "Old Man Thunder" is a song in the style of Bruce Springsteen.
  • Intercourse with You: "L.M.L.Y.P.", which of course stands for "Let Me Lick Your Pussy".
  • Initialism Title: Again, "L.M.L.Y.P."
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: "You Fucked Up".
    • "Nicole" starts off as a sweet love song before slowly morphing into this trope.


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