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A Pink (Korean: 에이핑크; Japanese: エーピンク) is a South Korean idol Girl Group that debuted in 2011 under A Cube Entertainment, a subsidiary of Cube Entertainment.

They started off as a 7-member girl group until member Hong Yookyung left, allegedly to pursue her studies. Scandal arose when her father seemed to claim that the company had simply used her for her family's money and then kicked her out; however later he refuted such claims and bullying rumours, saying neither Cube nor the girls have done anything wrong and that the girls too were on the brink of officially getting kicked out.

They have a sub-unit called A Pink BnN, formed in 2014 and composed of members Yoon Bomi and Kim Namjoo. Their first single, “My Darling” was released in the same year.

A Pink is best known for their feminine, innocent, and public friendly image that differentiates them from other girl groups, making them considered one of the most successful 3rd Generation idol groups.


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  • Seven Springs of APink (2011) – EP
    • I Don't Know (Mollayo) - Single
    • It Girl - Single
  • Snow Pink (2011) - EP
    • My My - Single
  • Une Année (2012) – Studio Album
    • April 19 - Single
    • Hush - Single
    • Bubibu - Single
  • Secret Garden (2013) – EP
    • No No No - Single [1]
  • Pink Blossom (2014) – EP
    • Mr Chu - Single [2]
  • Pink Luv (2014) - EP
    • Good Morning Baby - Single [3]
    • LUV - Single [4]
  • Pink Memory (2015) - Studio Album
    • Promise U - Single [5]
    • Remember - Single [6]
  • Pink Revolution (2016) - Studio Album
    • The Wave - Single
    • Only One - Single
  • Dear (2016) - Compilation Album
    • Cause You're My Star - Single
  • Pink Up (2017) - EP
    • Always - Single
    • Five - Single

Japanese :

  • Pink Season (2015) - Studio Album
  • Pink Doll (2016) - Studio Album
  • Pink Stories (2017) - Studio Album


A Pink provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Animal Motif
    • Bomi + Gorilla = Yoonrilla.
    • Averted in that their fandom name is Pink Panda, but they rarely use the name.
  • Breakout Character - Eunji, while the main vocalist, didn't particular have much spotlight compared to fellow members but her popularity and thus exposure shot up after her impressive acting in the drama Reply 1997. Form then on she also got much-deserved recognition as one of the most talented singers in the Kpop industry.
  • Break-Up Song - LUV reminisces over the time spent with their ex.
  • Childhood Friends: Hayoung went to high school together with Yerin from GFRIEND and Joy from RedVelvet. They frequently hang out together, send one another food-trucks when one of them is promoting or filming something, and even performed for a special stage as the unit Oh-Jung-Park.
  • Darker and Edgier - A mild example, there's "LUV" which is much sadder and less colourful than its predecessors such as "Mr. Chu". A given since the girls go from gushing over their crush to reflecting on their time together with the ex in a bittersweet sense.
    • "I'm So Sick" is a break up song with a much darker aesthetic than their usual MV's.
  • The Face - Eunji is no doubt the most popular member in the group.
  • Finger Wag - Signature move in "No No No" at the chorus when they sway their hips and shake their fingers towards the audience as they sing the line "No no no".
  • Genki Girl - Eunji the “Happy Virus”, Bomi the “Atmosphere Maker”, and Namjoo the “Tireless Energizer”.
  • Girl Group - A Korean Pop Music girl group.
  • Girlish Pigtails - As part of their cute image, they often sport these.
  • I Can't Dance - Eunji's lack of dancing skills has practically become a Running Gag.
  • Idol Singer - Of course - they are a kpop group after all and most kpop groups are idol singers.
  • Incredibly Long Note - Eunji is in charge of many of their long notes such as in their debut song, "I Don't Know (Mollayo)".
  • Motor Mouth - Eunji can be quite the mouthful and fast talker. And with a Busan accent!
  • The Pete Best - Yookyung, who left after the release of "Une Année", is often referred to as the Pete Best of the group, and most fans who follow the group since "No No No" fail to recognize her existence.
  • Single Tear - A few members shed one tear in their "LUV" music video.
  • Stage Name - Eunji's birth name is Jung Hyerim.
  • Surprisingly Good English - Former member Yookyung lived in the US for 2 years and has a good grasp of the pronunciation. She was hence pretty much in charge of all the English lines in their songs, such as the English lines in "My My".
  • Translated Cover Version - They released and promoted Japanese versions of some of their songs in Japan such as "No No No" and "My My" for their debut.
  • Vocal Tag Team - Lead and main vocalist, Bomi and Eunji. In most songs they're singing in the chorus together.

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