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Heartwarming / Zulu Squad no Tsukaima

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  • Watching Crosby go Papa Wolf to protect Louise when she is in danger, regardless of how many times he tries to play the Knight in Sour Armor as her bodyguard.
  • When Louise goes to see Crosby after his confrontation with Lugo, she reveals her family history being descended from powerful mages and her insecurities of not living up to her family's expectations to let him know that she knows what it feels like to be alone and carry a burden.
    • And when Crosby offers that she can't be a Zero since she summoned two familiars, saying it makes her a Two at least.
    • And she responds by laughing, and half-heartedly bopping him. For a girl who spends a lot of time being a bratty spoiled noble, it's heartwarming to see her try to cheer up a brooding soldier.
  • Any time the Weaver of Fate rescues any of the Damned 33rd from Dubai.
    • Her interactions with Crosby in later arcs qualify, especially when she tells him of her own backstory.
  • Although it starts out as a Tear Jerker, after he confesses that he is not worthy of her affections, Princess Henrietta delivers an Armor-Piercing Slap to Konrad, showing off her Tsundere Type B she tells him he's an idiot and calls him out on his self-loathing, saying she understands what he is going through.
  • Agnes' tearful reunion with Alex, after being rescued from Dunkerque by Cardinal Garro.


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