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Tear Jerker / Zulu Squad no Tsukaima

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  • In the chapter that introduces Bravo Six you really feel sorry for all the pilots of the Little Birds chasing Walker in the video game.
  • It was a truly heartbreaking moment when after Konrad and co. went through all the effort to spirit Prince Wales out of Albion, only to have him die by Count Wardes' hand.
  • Lt. Gordon's pep talk before Delta Squad's raid on the Water Coliseum when you know it is a Foregone Conclusion.
  • The aftermath of the 1st battle. The Reconquista is routed, and Nahkriin is defeated, but Bravo Six crashes, the fates of Tebby and Bowles are presumed MIA or KIA.
    • In the case of Bowles, the Weaver of Fate spared him from burning alive, and returned him back to live to be with Jessica, but at the cost of his leg.
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    • In the case of Tebby, he was captured and interrogated, but ultimately saved by the Weaver of Fate.
  • Speaking of Tebby, the chapter "21 Guns", full stop. The Weaver of Fate weeping over what his enemies did to him was heartbreaking.
  • In the Gallian Intrigue Arc, when Illococoo, the human form of Tabitha's Familiar tearfully declares her love for SSG Forbes, and gets one in return packs an emotional gut-punch.
  • And in the Final Arc, when Konrad has found a way home, most of the 33rd have decided to go home and face their court-martial charges. Made all the more heartbreaking when their LIs find out and react accordingly.
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  • In a blink and you'll miss it moment in the Gallian Intrigue arc, SSG Forbes chews out a recruit who isn't good at shooting and doesn't want to kill another human being. She then breaks down and says that her two brothers were killed in the battle for Brugues, and as the only child left her father forced her to sign up in the New Gallian Army to uphold the family honor. It means among those target dummies the 33rd were gunning down with such aplomb where two probably teen-aged boys who will never see their little sister or family again.

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