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  • The relationship between Vlad Von Carnstein and his wife Isabella. In a setting where everyone is running on adrenaline in a dark and cynical world where most of the levity comes from moments of Monty Python-esque Gallows Humor and violent slapstick, naturally the most genuine love story could come from two characters who are literally dead inside. Against all odds, Vlad and Isabella von Carstein are truly in love and have a deeply loving centuries long marriage (filled with the slaughtering of thousands of thousands of both innocent people and more evil monsters).
  • And it seems the success of the Total War Warhammer videogame trilogy has been so great Games Worskhop has decided to bring Warhammer Fantasy Battle back as Warhammer: The Old World.
  • Let's have a big "awwwww!" for Skarsnik and Gobbla. Setting aside the fact that the former is an unspeakably devious and brutal Night Goblin warlord, and the latter is basically a rabid, man-eating ball of teeth and hatred with a stomach attached, their story is undeniably sweet. When Skarsnik was just a runt, he saved Gobbla - much the same - from being abused by some other goblins. Remember: Night Goblins are reviled even among other goblins for being especially cruel and duplicious, always willing to torture and abuse. But Skarsnik helped another living thing, and when Gobbla met him again years later, he remembered him. They've been inseparable ever since, and it's pretty explicit that they are friends, not just pet and owner. Given their species', they shouldn't even be capable of that much empathy for each other, but there they are, best buds without any hidden agenda.
  • Karl Franz's pet, the large and powerful griffon Deathclaw can give equally awesome and heartwarming moments due to his unbreakable loyalty to his master. At the Battle of Blood Keep, Deathclaw stood over the wounded Emperor for three hours, slaying any who dared approach until the Reiksguard knights were able to hack a path through and get Franz to safety.
  • Most Bretonnian Dukes are at best dismissive and at worst outright cruel to their peasants, but Duke Laurent of Artois averts Droit du Seigneur in the best way. He requires all couples, including peasants, to spend their wedding night in his bedchamber - while he keeps guard outside, so that they may get to know each other as newlyweds in the most comfortable and safe bed in the kingdom.
  • There is a story from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay about an Imperial nobleman who travels to the far reaches of Nehekhara, to the city of Bel Aliad. He tries to pilfer the tombs when he and his guide are caught by undead and brought to a chamber housing a terrible Tomb Prince, flanked by bodyguards and a priest who translates the Prince's tongue into Riekspiel. Demanding answers for why the noble has violated the sanctity of the tomb, the man explains that he came with no intention to steal any treasure and only seeks a cure for his wife, who was poisoned by a jealous rival. Hearing the translation back, the Prince pauses... and then raises a hand and speaks. The thieving guide loses his head, and the undead soldiers release the nobleman and leave the chamber behind the Prince, who stop to speak with the priest as he leaves. The priest approaches the noble and says: "My lord commands me to tell you that, he too, loved once. He too would have travelled to the ends of the world to save his love. I am to show you the wisdom you seek." And with that, the priest guides the nobleman to a secret chamber and shows him the knowledge and formula to create an antidote for his wife.
  • Combined with Tear Jerker, is the fate of Solland and its people, which were wiped out by the WAAAGH of Gorbad Ironclaw. After the WAAAGH was driven back, what was Solland was ultimately absorbed into the territory of Wissenland. As a show of respect, the banner of Wissenland depicts the white lion of Wissenland waving the flag of Solland.