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Tear Jerker / Warhammer

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  • From the End Times we have the death of Tyrion's daughter and him finding out about his brother Teclis's betrayal, which leads him to become the insane avatar of Khaine.
  • Despite being a ruthless and deceiful goblin warboss, Skarsnik has a genuine affection for his squig companion Gobbla. During the End Times, Gobbla is killed by a skaven packmaster and Skarnsnik has a Villainous BSoD, losing all the will to fight and wanders off into the distance never to be seen again.
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  • Meta, but the change in lore for Bretonnia from 5th to 6th edition. In 5th edition, whilst Bretonnia had its flaws, it was generally portrayed as a genuinely heroic nation, and the relationship between the peasantry and the nobility was surprisingly even. Most notably, peasants could become knights and be recognized as such by undergoing the Knight Errantry quest, as even nobles had to do this in order to become full-fledged knights and thus rulers over the land. Then 6th edition came along and Bretonnia got Darker and Edgier; the nobles became vastly more oppressive and self-serving, and the peasantry lost the protections they had before, with social status becoming fixed, unchanging, and purely denoted by birth. It only gets worse if you read the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay sourcebook "Knights of the Grail", which elaborates in great detail on just how bad things are for peasants under knightly rule.