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  • Bigweld's sudden appearance at the train station to join the outmodes' battle against Ratchet. He echoes Rodney when he tells Rodney why he came:
  • Rodney’s conversation with Fender during his first night at Aunt Fanny’s.
    Fender: Kind of a rough day, huh?
    Rodney: Kinda. My dad’s probably sitting by the phone waiting for his brilliant son to call and tell him what a big success my first day was. (sighs) I know, it’s not your problem. If you burden your friends, soon you won’t have any.
    Fender: What are you, a fortune cookie? That’s what friends… (sounding genuinely touched) You consider me a friend?
    Rodney: Sure. What else would I consider you?
    Fender: I don’t know. An embarrassment, a way to rebel against your parents, a desperate cry for help, the list is endless.
    Rodney: Let’s just stick with friend.
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  • Rodney joining in the arm farting.
  • Practically every interaction between Herb and Rodney. The former's such a loving and passionate dad that he doesn't ever doubt his son's capabilities or dreams. He even lets Rodney go to Robot City, telling him not to give up on his dream.
  • Herb gets to finally fulfil his dream by playing his trumpet at the end of the film. The only trouble is that he sounds awful. But while the rest of the audience are wincing at the sound, Fender says that he likes it and that it's a mixture of jazz and funk. That's when everyone else starts joining in.
  • Aunt Fanny takes in robots off the street and doesn't expect anything in return. She's a kind and motherly figure who doesn't hesitate to welcome Rodney into her home.
  • Ratchet might be an evil scumbag, but you can't deny that his relationship with his mother is at least a little sweet. When he visits her at the Chop Shop, she insists on making him something to eat before he leaves, and praises his actions as often as she can.
    • As Ratchet is leaving the shop, he takes a moment to say goodbye to his dad, who's suspended up in the shop's rafters. He might be embarrassed by his father, but clearly Ratchet still cares about him.
    Mr. Gasket: So long, son! Good luck with your dastardly plans!
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  • When Rodney learns that his dad is sick back home in Rivet Town, Aunt Fanny gently asks Rodney if he wants to go home to see his family.

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