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Nightmare Fuel / Robots

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  • Madame Gasket could count, especially her first appearance in the Chop Shop. And that song the Chop Shop robots sing while working.
  • The fates of anyone caught by the Sweepers.
  • Fender's encounter at to the Chop Shop after a sweeper snatches him.
    • He gets his foot caught in a spring which drags him to Gasket and Ratchet.
    Ratchet: Ok, Mom, this way.
    Madame Gasket: Oh, let me look, please! (Fender gasps) I can't bear it!
    Ratchet: No peaking, it's a surprise!
    Madame Gasket: You are a wicked boy!
    Ratchet: And look! (reveals a giant chrome silver contraption with the license plate "PSYCHO-MAMA)
    Madame Gasket:For me?
    Ratchet: She's got a full tank of gas. If you're ready to mow, she's ready to go!
    Madame Gasket: Has any mother ever had a better son.
    Ratchet: Oh, by the way, I found out who's been fixing those out modes. (presses a remote and the car door opens to reveal sharp oversized knives) So, starting tomorrow these babies are gonna chop him up with all of his broken-down buddies and every other walking pile of junk I'm sick of looking at. (The two villains laugh evilly, then notice the spring stretching above them.) Huh?
    Madame Gasket: What's that? (They turn to see Fender holding onto a gear)
    Fender: AAH! (Gasket and Ratchet slowly and menacingly approach him. But before they can get closer, Fender loses his grip.) AAAAAAAAAAAH! (Fender is flung upwards onto the conveyer belt. Gasket cackles)
    • Fender thuds to the ground and loses his lower half. He turns and screams in terror as he's getting closer to the incinerator. Forcing to replace his lower half with a female's, he narrowly escapes.

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