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Shazam Slam

  • The Wizard cares enough about Billy to swallow his pride and let Batman help.
    • Hell, he even tells Batman he had to get back to Rock to help Billy. Yes, he would get his powers back once he returned to The Rock of Eternity, but saving Billy was his top priority.
  • Superman lamenting Parasite's death helps show that, despite being one of his enemies, Superman takes all life into account and is sadden by his supposed demise. He also calls Wonder Woman out on her kinda cold remark on the fact that Parasite deserved his fate. It kinda shows how different they are despite being on the same side.
  • Martian Manhunter is oddly endearing with his wide-eyed innocence with how his 'attempts of humor' goes. There's massive shades of Starfire from Teen Titans.
  • Booster and Batman seem to have a weekly sparring session and Batman seems to be more than willing to do this with Booster.
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  • At the end, Captain Marvel is called in to help fight the resurrected Black Adam. As thanks, they give him a spot on the Justice League. As long as it isn't a school night.
  • The Brothers Djinn insist on starting their evil incantation to restore the world to its primal state all together, because that's more brotherly.

Follow that Space Cab

  • The fact that so many people took pictures with Cabby, especially some of the younger JLA members. It shows that while Space Cabbie is a rather...underrated character, it's nice that he has so many friendships. Especially now that he helped Superman and Hawkman.

Nuclear Family Values

  • After finding about what the Nuclear Family wanted, Firestorm gave it to them; their own contained environment where they can live in peace.
  • How Adorkable Firestorm is, and his excitement over things is rather enjoyable. He's like a male version of Nora Valkyrie.
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  • The Nuclear family seem to be very close and affectionate with each other; with Brat and Dog protecting Biff and 'Dad' going into protective mode when Firestorm ties up 'Mom'.
  • 'Mom' and 'Dad' are a couple of Sickeningly Sweethearts, but it is rather endearing for a couple of insane androids. With 'Dad' calling his wife a 'looker' and she just gets embarrassed. Plus the smile Firestorm gets when 'Sis' calls him dreamy.

Zombie King

  • Swamp Thing has a rather negative view on humanity, but after he helps Batman, Zatanna and Constantine, the people of New Orleans really start to like him, so he starts to soften up a bit.

Time Share

  • A small detail, but Jaime using the Scarab's real name, Khadji Dah. In most appearances in other media, Jaime just calls it 'the scarab', but here their friendship is so deep that they are able to work very well. Even Khadji is able to play off Jaime's more...Adorkable moments.
  • Batman giving Blue Beetle props for his good work.

Play Date

  • In "Play Date", it's implied that Batman plays video games with Robin (A fighting game). It's only noticeable when you realize he knows how the game is played and says that "Robin is better" when Toyman beats Cyborg in round two with Wonder Woman.
  • Cyborg and Toy Man showing some amount of respect for each other during the fight.
    • Possibly subverted when Toy Man paused the game mid-fight to complement Cyborg, only to unpause when his guard was down.


  • The couple of Superman and Wonder Woman is actually more of a sweeter side here as they are together because they care about each other both in and out of costume. It's implied that Steve and Lois are only interested in their super hero personas and only see the other side as friends, so that is something.
    • Adding to it is Superman calling Wonder Woman a 'Miracle' when he is almost killed in a black hole with Lex.

Trick or Threat

  • Batman, Constantine and Zatanna saving Dr. Fate from being taken into the House of Mystery when it was vanishing, especially given they were almost sucked in too.
  • Many things about Kid!Zatanna is adorable, especially when she acts like a Genki Girl.
  • The friendship of the four kids Even before it's revealed it's really Batman, Zatanna, Dr. Fate and Constantine.

Luthor in Paradise

  • Hippolyta thanks Superman and Batman for their help but is later subverted when she tells them to leave. Prickly indeed...
  • Wonder Woman having some actual concern over Circe and tells her that most men would take advantage of her...while also saying that other men aren't like that.

Freezer Burn

  • While she does double cross him by smacking him, Killer Frost does save Batman and Firestorm from Mr. Freeze. Makes one wonder if this is a sign of things to come...? Time will tell, but Firestorm is excited.
  • Firestorm's crush on Killer Frost is oddly endearing, to the point that even Professor Stein can't be too mad at him over it.

Plastic Man Saves the World

  • Plastic Man is Adorkable in this episode, and especially when he gets the League into a selfie with Brainiac. Even Superman, Cyborg and Vixen smiling in it show how close the team really is (Even though Batman is just giving a grumpy expression)
  • Superman is kind of awkward around Plastic Man, but he wants to be respectful when he tells him to go. It shows that despite his...odd behavior, he still sees Plastic Man as a friend. When it looks like Plastic Man made a Heroic Sacrifice, Superman admits to Batman that Plastic Man really DID deserve to be in the Justice League after all.

Field Trip

Time Out

  • Batman learns that Booster spends his off-time maintaining the time stream. While they fight with the Monster of the Week, the two heroes learn the only way to defeat it is to send Batman back to the present, erasing his memories of everything that's happened between them. Before he disappears, Batman tells Booster he's sorry.
    Batman: I was wrong about you, you're a better person than anybody gives you credit for. Maybe one day I'll find that out...

Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting

  • Stargirl revealing her secret identity to Timmy, followed by her immediately hugging him.

Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp

  • The ending is set up for Clark to have stolen Sid's scoop again... but his story is actually all about Sid's heroic rescue of Superman.

It'll Take a Miracle!

  • Mr. Miracle is not willing to go to Darkseid at first... but he immediately agrees to go when he learns Big Barda is in danger.
    • His line to her at the end counts too:
    Mr. Miracle: You're the only trap I can never escape from.

Harley Goes Ape!

  • Harley's interactions with Titano.

Party Animal

  • Solomon Grundy gives a teddy bear to a little girl after accidentally scaring her in the beginning of the episode.

Keeping Up With The Kryptonians

  • Once everything is back to normal, Supergirl starts apologizing to Superman for how she acted... then he hugs her.

She Wore Red Velvet

  • After the events of the episode are erased when Margot refuses to marry Booster Gold at the advice of her future self, Booster is lamenting on his loss when Batman tries to comfort him, saying that he understands what he's going through. Unfortunately, the moment is ruined when Booster asks for Giganta's number.

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