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  • Up And Atom: At the end of the story, Atom is talking to Batman and Wonder Woman when Batman disappears between shots. Atom at first thinks he's accidentally shrunk Batman, but Wonder Woman casually remarks that this is just something Batman does.
  • Good Cop Bat Cop: Deadshot's interrogation. Superman wants to try being the bad cop for once in the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine they usually use, but he's such a Nice Guy that the end result is Adorkable rather than intimidating—Deadshot doesn't buy it. On the other hand, the notion of a friendly Batman messes with Deadshot so much (he can't even recognize that Bats is smiling) that he confesses out of a combination of confusion, anxiety, and general distress with the situation.
  • Beep Beep: Basically Lobo as Wil E Coyote and Flash as Road Runner.
    • And at least twice, Lobo being beaten up by alien cacti.
  • It's A Trap!: Basically a huge Take That! to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
    • The reveal of Lex's greatest 'Anti-Superman Weapon'; A bat with kryptonite lodged in it....wait, what?
    Superman: You made...a Bat?!...You just stuck a piece of kryptonite into a stick?
    • And then Superman actually outwits Lex with an equally over complicated plan. "Know Thy Enemy" indeed.
    • Superman pointing out that he twigged onto this being a trap because the name Lex Luthor chose for the hostage, Brie Gruyère, was simply the names of two types of cheese. You know, the stuff you bait a mousetrap with.
  • Lasso of Lies: Wonder Woman tries to use her lasso of truth on Deadshot... except it's actually Plastic Man.
    Plastic Man: I'm so sorry, and please don't kill me.
    • Then once Booster Gold enters with the real lasso, she uses it on him... and he says lots of amusing things.
    • Once Deadshot sees it actually works, he gives up the name of his employer... and assumes he'll be getting ice cream with the heroes.
    • Booster Gold's nickname for Wonder Woman is evidently "Wo Wo," much to her annoyance.
    • Deadshot, a highly skilled but mortal assassin, spends the entire fight with Wonder Woman, a superpowered Amazon, flirting with her, evidently just to get her heckles up. The moment she pulls out the lasso, he takes off running.
  • Quality Time: The episode starts with a huge melee between the League and a collection of supervillains. The Leaguers consider the fight pretty much as good as done, and start making plans for a social get-together even while fighting the bad guys. Of note, Batman's idea of a good time is to have everyone hang out at the Bat Cave while Alfred serves sandwiches, Wonder Woman's response implies that nobody else agrees with him.
    • Cut to the Justice League bowling (in costume, natch). Superman makes an overly cautious approach before releasing the ball with as little pressure as he can manage, where he ends up putting holes in at least three walls.
  • Selfie Help: Space Cabbie informs Batman that his fare is $38,000... or one selfie. Batman replies that he's going to go get his wallet.
    • The whole episode is his various attempts to get selfies with the Justice League. About half of them have Booster Gold photo-bombing so the product he's pitching makes it in all of the photos.
  • Special Delivery: Booster Gold is trying to help deliver a baby in the back of Space Cabbie's cab, while being pursued by Granny Goodness. Granny ends up taking over when she finds out what's going on.
  • Mint Condition: A fight between the League and Toyman gets derailed when Toyman and Cyborg start geeking out about action figures.
    Stargirl: So, do we arrest him now?
    Batman: I'm just gonna leave and pretend this never happened.
  • True Colors: Firestorm is sent in to help Superman beat Metallo by transmuting his green Kryptonite core into lead. Instead, he runs through the gamut of Kryptonite colors: pissing Supes off with red, wiping his memories with gold, splitting him into two with black, and turning Superman into a woman with pink before getting the formula correct.
    • When exposed to the gold kryptonite, Superman takes a blow to the head and demands to know why this guy's hitting him. He's not saying it out of fear or shock, but rather pure indignance.
    • And then Firestorm messages Batman about the events after Superman told him not to report it.
  • "Missing the Mark", from start to end, featuring the Joker (Mark Hamill) and Trickster (Mark Hamill) kidnapping famous actor Mark Hamill (Mark Hamill), Hamill pits the two humorous hooligans against each other by doing their voices, until they get caught by Swamp Thing (go ahead, guess!). It's Talking to Himself taken to a very meta extreme.
    • This fantastic joke from the Trickster (note that the Trickster is introduced with the caption "2nd-rate villain")
      The Trickster: You're my favorite actor! I loved you in that 70s classic, about a young lad who fights impossible odds to fulfill his destiny...what was that called? Oh yeah.... Corvette Summer!
    • Swamp Thing's explanation that Mark Hamill was not only a famous actor, but also a skilled voice actor, comes off as hilariously self-promoting given who is voicing him. Which is immediately undercut by Joker.
  • Clown Party: At the very end, the kids at the party demand for balloon animals. Shazam obliges and starts making them... using Joker as the source of helium.

Episode 1: Shazam Slam (Made up from Episodes: Classic Rock, Power Outage, Night of the Bat, Abate and Switch (Thus Episodes 1-4))

  • In another case of inconvenient Kidnapped by the Call, Billy is summoned to the Rock of Eternity while he was in the middle of his video game.
    Billy: And I was just about to level up.
  • Jimmy Olsen is showing live footage of Wonder Woman's fight with a villain and is nearly crushed. This is his response:
    Jimmy: What am I doing? Risking my life for fleeting internet fame? (Sees the rising number of views) ...yep. Totally worth it.
  • Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth on the villain of "Power Outage" and tells him to tell her everything he knows. He says he won't...and then suddenly starts spilling the beans with glowing eyes.
  • Martian Manhunter being oddly...quirky with his personality.
  • Green Arrow makes his entrance by dropping onto the Batmobile's hood. Batman brakes and sends GA flying into trash cans.
  • The possessed Batman ejecting Green Arrow out of his car. Into a river.
    • GA later shows up at the Hall of Justice still dripping wet.
    By the way, you owe me for the taxi. And the dry cleaning.
  • After Booster Gold comes to from being beaten by the Uthul-possessed Batman, the first thing he does is notice how different things were with his other fights. He only realizes he did better. And completely misses the still bound Wonder Woman.
  • Green Arrow and Cyborg take the elevator and try to leave the collapsing Hall of Justice. They arrive on the floor where Superman and the Uthul-possessed Batman are brawling. GA presses the button and the door closes.
  • One of the djinn brothers blabbing that their De-Power spell works based off them knowing the target's names.
    • The heroes get around this by switching costumes. Plastic Man is the one who dresses up as Wonder Woman.
  • Constantine has his accent enhanced and is forced to use very heavy British slang by a spell, forcing Batman to translate.
    • Everything Constatine says while under the Accent Exaggeratus Spell.
    • When Constantine bids farewell at the end and leaves, the others look at Batman only for him to admit he has no idea what Constantine just said.
  • At the end, at the christening of the Watchtower, Plastic Man joins in the clapping, wearing Wonder Woman's bustier. Right beside her. Her response?
    Wonder Woman: Are you still wearing my boots?!
    Plastic Man: They're comfortable!
  • This exchange:
    Captain Marvel/Shazam: (After Black Adam threatens him) I know you are, but what am I?
    Plastic Man: Um, I don't think he's using that right.
  • Plastic Man's entrance:
    Plastic Man: For future reference, the bathroom is definitely not down the hall to the left!

Episode 5: Follow the Space Cabbie

Episode 6: Nuclear Family Values

  • Seeing Firestorm get blasted by Sis of the Nuclear Family. The hilarity of it? She looks like the 'pretty girl in the poodle skirt' from a 1950s sitcom. Heck, ALL of the Nuclear Family looks and acts like a character from one.
  • Superman and Wonder Woman being impressed by Firestorm and even saying that Batman got impressed. An excited Firestorm turns to see...Batman giving him an 'Eh' handsign.
  • Dad insisting on calling Firestorm 'Sparky', much to his chagrin. His flat 'uh no' when asked if it was okay sells it since the android just keeps on doing it even when he's going to beat him up.
  • How Firestorm ultimately defeats the Nuclear Family is chuckleworthy. How does he do it? Same way everything gets defused in a sitcom: a big ol' hug.

Episode 7: Zombie King

  • Just the fact that SOLOMON GRUNDY is the mastermind of a grand scheme all while having to talk in Hulk Speak.

Episode 8: Galaxy Jest

  • Joker's cringeworthy jokes can be funny mostly from the reactions he's getting.
  • Joker's disgusted reaction to having to cheer for Superman. Just the face he makes after saying "Go Superman" is chuckle worthy.
    • Adding to it was Joker's desperate 'PLEASE BE ENEMIES' when he sees Superman arriving from the airlock...and Superman catches him face-first into his fist when Mongul lets him go.
  • This scene:
    Joker: I know we had our differences, but I'm avaliable for the Justice League holiday part- (thrown face first into the police van by Wonder Woman)

Episode 9: Time Share

  • Blue Beetle's frustration at Chronos' seeming inability to remember his name properly.
  • Upon arriving in the past, Batman and Blue Beetle witness Past!Batman on his first case. When he tries to get to the top of the warehouse with grappling hook he misses badly... and looks around to make sure no one notices.
    Future!Batman: That's why I built the grappling gun.
  • Despite bemoaning it as cheesy, Blue Beetle does the pose that Past!Batman the point of having to wait for a long time for the right burst of Lightning Reveal.

Episode 10: Under a Red Sun

  • The fact that Superman, Big Barda and BATMAN are keeping score of how many henchmen they are defeating. You'd expect this kind of thing from the sidekicks, but not the big leagues.
  • How does Superman beat Steppenwolf? He tosses a broken piece of tech into the water that electrocutes him...just a minute after he brags that he'll kill Superman.
  • It's worth noting that, despite beating Steppenwolf, Superman doesn't come out unscathed; notably, he ends up breaking his leg during the battle. However, once everything is said and done, he seems more amused by this than anything else, even responding with a cheerful "it really does" when Batman asks if it hurts.

Episode 11: Play Date

  • Cyborg got sucked into an online match with Blue Beetle, thus missing Toyman's assault on the Watchtower.
    Cyborg: I've only been playing— (checks his watch) Wooo... that long.
  • Toyman making Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg have a little dance. Batman's CLEARLY ANNOYED 'I don't like this' is hilarious given Toyman's reaction.
  • Cyborg giving his protest of Toyman taking Superman and him forced to have Batman
    Cyborg: Oh come on! Batman doesn't have any superpowers! (Batman gives him a slightly offended Death Glare)...Not that he needs any.
    • Cyborg then proceeds to spam the I'm Batman taunt, much to Batman's annoyance.
  • Superman's reaction to Batman carrying a Kryptonite ring.
    Superman: (with a black eye) You just...carry that with you?
  • Batman knowing a lot about a popular video game, making Superman give him an odd look. He quickly adds that Robin plays it a lot. Even when beaten up, he mentions Robin is a better player. Petty much, Batman?
  • One of Superman's moves ends up involving him pulling off his S-Shield and using it to wrap up Batman.
    Cyborg: Superman can't do that!
  • While Superman and Batman are annoyed with their intros, Wonder Woman...actually kind of likes her intro line for the game.

Episode 12: Repulse

  • This line of dialogue:
    Wonder Woman: What is the meaning of this, Static-Man?
    Repulse/Lex: I think you're mixing me up with the other guy. I'm Repulse.
  • During the fight with Repulse, Wonder Woman ends up tied up with her own Lasso of Truth, leading to a funny exchange when Hawkman asks her if she is okay.
  • Hawkman being rather...awkward with seeing Superman and Wonder Woman flirting. Given he's one of the few married heroes in the comics, this is doubly funny
    Hawkman: Super PDA is really awkward...
  • Lex Luthor getting a lot of funny lines. Yes it's James Wood, but still.
    • One that comes to mind is him wanting to make billions on a vacuum based on a black hole and him telling Superman that he has delicate skin, being a red head and all (despite being bald).note 
  • The Running Gag involving a garlic risotto making Superman's breath smell bad. It usually goes with the Almost Kiss gag.

Episode 13: Trick or Threat

  • We see four kids dressed as Zatanna, Batman, Dr. Fate and Constantine of all people acting all sorts of silly. Turns out this is the REAL deal hexed by Klarion. This brings flashbacks of the DCAU episode with a similar premise.
  • Constantine getting a piece of rock candy...and it comes with a Peanuts shout out.
  • Zatanna having to wear braces when she was a kid. Two reasons: One, somehow Klarion knew this and put them on her. And second, the fact that Zatanna, the witch with the backwards spells, needed braces at some point.
  • How serious the kiddified JLA become when they realize who they are...and the fact that the kid actors playing them take to talking like their adult forms rather seriously.
  • "I can't believe Batman said 'bejeebers'."
    Zatanna: You totally did.

Episode 14: Speed Demon

  • Harley Quinn of all people getting magical powers. That alone is hilarious, especially since it was short-lived thanks to Zatanna.
    • Adding to that...we get SUBTITLES for her spells now.
  • Etrigan giving ice cream to Zatanna and Batman. Thank you for this, Cartoon Network.
    • For reference, Batman at first declined, saying he's got bigger things to deal with. Then the Batmobile falls apart. His reaction? "Chocolate".
  • Etrigan wants to use a police car, but it gets wrecked by Demon!Batmobile and he sees his only real choice is the ice cream truck. His dawning realization is what makes it fun to watch.

Episode 15: Hat Trick

  • How do our heroes find out where Faust took Zatanna's hat? By using the BPS (Bunny Positional System) on her phone of course!
    Zatanna: Comes in more handy than you'd think!
    • Said bunnies are also what stop Faust from escaping!
    Faust: Why did it have to be rabbits?
  • Etrigan asking Batman if he wants him as a sidekick. The idea alone is actually kinda funny.
  • Zatanna's fight scene with a younger Felix Faust is full of snarky comments from Faust and her using various magician-themed weapons.
    • Special mention goes to when Zatanna manages to dive into her hat, causing Felix to look into it confusedly before getting a seriously nasty uppercut from the resourceful sorceress superhero as she launches back out of it.
  • Merlin's deadpan delivery towards Etrigan calling for his aid.

Episode 16: Luthor in Paradise

  • From the trailer, we are seeing the context of Hippolyta's question about Superman and it's even more funny than before since they arrived and saved Diana. They still share a 'Did she REALLY say that' look to each other.
    Wonder Woman: These men are my... sidekicks.
  • Batman calling the Themyscerian Amazons "Prickly". Seems he's had experience with them...
  • Luthor getting giddy over having hair... Before pissing Circe off.
  • When Circe also absorbs Zeus' powers, she too gains a golden glowing aura like Lex... and the same long white beard which she quickly removes with her magic.
  • More of a Hilarious in Hindsight, but having James Woods associated with Greek Mythology once again is a joy. Only with a different deity in mind.

Episode 17: Rage of the Red Lantern

  • Lobo is VERY funny in this episode, as he was in his last appearance.
  • Zox being a suck up at all points, trying in vain to cover his own tracks when he questions Atrocitus' actions but doesn't want to get blasted.
  • As the Justice League and the Red Lanterns are pairing up to take on Lobo, one of the Red Lanterns gets left behind with no partner and has a sad, dejected look on his face before flying off.
  • How... surprisingly smart Dex-Starr is and him getting an electric Batarang from Batman.
    • Actually... while the others are fighting the bigger Red Lanterns, and later fighting alongside them, Batman fights and later teams up with DEX-STARR.
  • The very concept of the Red Lanterns showing up at the Watchtower, smashing the security camera... and then waiting patiently until someone comes to answer the door.
  • Bleez screaming "AMBUSH!" when the Watchtower door opens, much to the obvious confusion of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.
    • This is immediately followed by Bleez trying to blast Superman, only for Wonder Woman to reflect the blast right back at the lanterns. Atrocitus casually leans to one side to let Zox take the full hit.
  • Lobo's defeat starts with Batman lassoing Lobo's hand, and letting go, causing Lobo to punch himself in his face. He's finished off by Dex-Starr hocking a flaming furball at him.

Episode 18: Freezer Burn

  • Firestorm flirting with Killer Frost. That is all.
  • Batman has a rather...smug face when he asks "Miss Me?" to Mr. Freeze. Hilarious in Hindsight given the trailers ended with this line.

Episode 19: Plastic Man Saves the World

  • Plastic Man as a whole is a laugh riot. He's got a lot of moments in this that are hard not to laugh at.
  • Plastic Man is VERY offended at being only ranked at 4.7%.
    Plastic Man: That's out of "5", right?!
    Evil Robot: No, it is out of 100%.

Episode 20: Field Trip

  • The heavy amount of Epic Fail from each of the young heroes. In order:
    • Stargirl: Lets an alien cat into the room with the Phantom Zone and it wiggles out of her grasp and sucks in Superman.
    • Firestorm: He accidentally lets out General Zod and his cronies into the Fortress of Solitude.
    • Blue Beetle: He smashes the controls so they can't get Superman back out, leaving them stuck with them.
  • Stargirl calling Firestorm's powers 'Nuclear Magic', making Firestorm really confused leading her to admit that most of the team has no idea how his powers work.
  • Firestorm tries to study Kryptonite to create more of it, but Ronnie starts having a breakdown over the MASSIVE amount of information.
    Firestorm: Do you think I am Stephen Hawking!?!
    • After Zod and pals are taken out:
    Blue Beetle: Took you long enough.
    Firestorm: What can I say? Chemistry, hoho, it is not my best subject.

Episode 22: The Trouble with Truth

  • Athena teasing the heroes is worth a laugh, especially with Batman contemplating shooting the Goddess of Wisdom out of his ship or not.
    Green Arrow: I can hear his blood pressure going up.
  • Wonder Woman acting like an embarrassed teenager with a very affectionate relative visiting and embarrassing her in front of her friends at times.
  • Green Arrow wanting a spot on Olympus. That is all.

Episode 23: Double Cross

  • Concept alone: Plastic Man has to pretend to be Two-Face.
  • From the episode proper, Two-Face's split personality being Played for Laughs by having his two personalities, the mild-mannered Harvey Dent and the aggressive Two-Face, constantly argue with each other throughout the episode
  • Deadshot is about to fire his gun when it suddenly grows a mouth and says "Bang!" Yep, it was Plastic Man all along.
  • Firestorm's reaction after realizing that Plastic Man isn't wearing an uniform.

Episode 24: Battle of the Bottled City

  • Cyborg is taken out of the action by am EMP bomb that shuts down his electronics, forcing him to reboot. Later on the Atom starts running into trouble and wondering where Cyborg is... cut to Cyborg still lying there when his body makes dialup modem sounds.
  • Cyborg's reaction at the end:
    Cyborg: Aw... I missed the fun.

Episode 27: Time Out

  • As Batman chews out Booster Gold.
    Batman: It's never your fault. It wasn't with Grodd or Luthor. Or when you got Guy Gardener stuck in the space elevator.
    Booster Gold: Okay. In my defense... that was sorta funny.
  • After finding out what Booster Gold does in his spare time, Batman has this to say:
    Batman: I always assumed you were off playing foosball or something.
    Booster: Oh, I do that too. (teleports a foosball table in) First to six?
    Batman: (glaring at Booster)
    Booster: Right. Maybe later.

Episode 30: Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting

Episode 32: Booray for Bizarro

  • As Amazo short-circuits and sparks fly, Bizarro makes a comment that would be Deadpan Snark from anyone else.
    Bizarro: Sparks pretty. Whose power am that?

Episode 33: Best Day Ever

Episode 34: The Cube Root

  • Stein ends the episode ranting about having Mister Terrific as a roommate.
    Martin: And don't think I forgot about the cat! The allergies!!

Episode 38: Forget Me Not

  • Amnesiac!Batman running for his life from Felix Faust's Golem army.
    Amnesiac!Batman: What is it I do again?
  • While Firestorm's attempting to jog Amnesiac!Superman's mind, he takes his coffee mug and transforms it into a small statuette with Superman striking Sailor Moon's trademark pose while the base reads "Lois Approved". He follows this up by ripping open his shirt, light shining from the open shirt (and poor Firestorm gets smacked in the eye with a button)... and finds out there's no suit there.
    • He adds to this by making Clark look into his reflection...and he screams when he sees he looks exactly like Superman. Ronnie then proceeds to show that all it takes is some glasses to make the difference.
    • And proceeds to drop Clark out of a window in an attempt to get him to fly. Clark ends up eating concrete instead.
    • And later on, Superman proves to Diana and Bruce that Firestorm is telling the truth jumping out of the Watchtower, screaming he'll be fine before hitting the water below.

Episode 41: E. Nigma, Consulting Detective

Episode 43: It'll Take A Miracle

  • Mr. Miracle is an absurd ham throughout the entire episode.
  • After the fight with Mr. Miracle and Batman, Granny Goodness and Bernadeth go looking for him... while Lashina hesitates and bows to the crowd, who's been giving the fight a standing ovation. Granny yanks her offscreen.
  • After Scott Boomed him out of his throne room, Darkseid returns and have this to say:
    Darkseid: Daddy's home.
  • Darkseid's Say My Name moment at the end, when he screams Scott's name after realizing that the piece of the Anti-Life Equation he had was a fake. To makes things funnier, it also plays The Final Countdown.

Episode 45: Race Against Crime

  • The episode ends with Flash and Superman having one last race... with Superman carrying Luthor.

Episode 51: Unleashed

  • Plastic Man is left as the Wachtower miner while everyone else is gone and starts literally bouncing off the walls with joy at the idea that he finally gets to be in charge. Then they tell him that The Watchtower itself outranks him the league's hierarchy. And if that wasn't humiliating enough, it later turns out that Krypto the Superdog is higher-ranking than Plastic Man to.
  • The whole Potty Emergency scene of Dex-Starr needing to use his litter box, but being repeatedly interrupted by various calls.
  • After Dex-Starr is captured by Krypto and Plastic Man, Plastic Man tries to hype up their victory by talking about how the Red Lanterns sent their most cunning and fiendish operative at the Watchtower.
    Batman: (deadpan) They sent a cat.

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