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     Pre-Release Theories 

Potential character appearances.
  • Heroes
    • Green Lantern Corps
      • Hal Jordan: Confirmed
      • John Stewart
      • Alan Scott
      • Kyle Rayner
      • Guy Gardner
      • Simon Baz
      • Jessica Cruz
      • Soranik Natu
      • Kilowog
      • Arisia
      • Alpha Lanterns
    • Hawkman
      • Katar Hol: Confirmed
      • Carter Hall
    • Hawkgirl
      • Shayera Hol
      • Kendra Saunders
    • The Flash
      • Jay Garrick
      • Barry Allen: Confirmed
      • Wally West (or as Kid Flash)
      • Impulse
      • Tornado Twins
      • XS
    • Batgirl
      • Barbara Gordon
      • Cassandra Cain
      • Stephanie Brown
    • Robin
      • Dick Grayson (or as Nightwing)
      • Tim Drake
      • Damian Wayne
      • Carrie Kelley (a longshot, but would make an interesting character)
    • Power Girl
    • Superboy
    • Supergirl
    • Katana
    • Metamorpho
    • Black Lightning
    • Static
    • Miss Martian
    • Black Canary
    • Green Arrow
    • Red Arrow
    • Aqualad
      • Kaldur'ahm
      • Garth
    • Deadman
    • Artemis/Tigress if they're going to follow Young Justice.
    • Beast Boy
    • Cyborg
      • Confirmed
    • Starfire
    • Raven
    • Wonder Girl
      • Cassie Sandsmark
      • Donna Troy
    • Tasmanian Devil
    • Freedom Beast
    • Jade
    • Wildcat
      • Ted Grant
      • Yolanda Montez
      • Tom Bronson
    • The Creeper
    • Hawk and Dove
      • Hank and Don Hall
      • Hank Hall and Dawn Granger
      • Holly and Dawn Granger
    • Geist
    • Liberty Belle
    • Apache Chief
    • Preacher (what, Constantine is appearing, so why not?)
    • Aztek
    • Samurai
    • Hippolyta (the first Wonder Woman)
    • Mera
    • Batman Jones
    • Emiko Queen
    • Blue Devil
    • Damage
    • Amazing Man
    • Black Condor
    • Thunder (Anissa Pierce)
    • Geo-Force
    • Doll Man
    • Mary Marvel
    • Agent Liberty
    • Owlwoman
    • Thomas Kalmaku
    • Ragman
    • Extraño
    • Ram
    • Big Barda
    • Manitou Raven
    • Zauriel
    • Tubby Watts
    • Captain X
    • Gotham
    • Gotham Girl
    • Aya
    • OMAC
    • The Great Ten
    • Deep Blue
    • Pozhar

  • Villains
    • Gorilla Grodd
      • Confirmed
    • Vandal Savage
    • Solomon Grundy
      • Confirmed
    • Cheetah
      • Priscilla Rich
    • Sinestro
      • Cinfirmed
    • Catwoman
    • Mr. Freeze
      • Confirmed
    • Poison Ivy
    • Bizarro
    • Deathstroke
    • Silver Swan
      • Helen Alexandros
      • Valerie Beaudry
      • Vanessa Kapatelis
    • Mongul
      • Confirmed
    • Mongal
    • Mordru
    • Doctor Double X
    • Shadow Thief
    • Mercy Graves
    • Otis
    • Eviless
    • General Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul
    • Giganta (wearing her classic loincloth)
    • Toyman (Winslow Scott)
    • Funky Flashman
    • Bug-Eyed Bandit
    • Nuclear Man
    • Pigeon Person
    • Dragon King
    • Bag O'Bones
    • The Director
      • Henry Ballard
      • Thaddeus Filmore
    • The Fatal Five
      • Emerald Empress
      • Mano
      • The Persuader
      • Tharok
      • Validus
    • Gentleman Ghost
    • Johnny Sorrow
    • Floronic Man
    • Kirigi
    • Javelin
    • Charybdis
    • Black Bison
    • Komodo
    • Egghead

The show will have continuity
It wouldn't start out as super strong continuity, but the Leaguers will reference events from previous episodes, most often with it being about who the Trinity worked with and fought against.
  • Possibly confirmed, as the big bad of the UK's first episode could be related with the pilot episode involving Shazam, as well as the fact that Doctor Mind is a Captain Marvel/Shazam villain, thus making it very possible that there is a slightly interconnected plot line.

Following the above, the show will end up being more plot-heavy than what would be expected from the description of 'an 11-minute episode series', like Steven Universe.
It'll start slow and seemingly like another Saturday morning cartoon series, and then we start getting things like plot twists that change the status quo about every half of a season, sprinkled in with some minor reveals in between like backstory and character development, before getting into two-parters and episode arcs.
  • The panel at SDCC said that the focus would mainly be on action with more about the League being revealed as the show goes on so I'd say confirmed.

Wonder Woman will also have Role Reprisal for her voice
Perhaps her voice will be provided by an actress who voiced her in one of the Direct-to-DVD movies.

The first season will see several villains team up to form the Legion of Doom
And the villains who team up will be ones who hadn't worked together in previous episodes of the show. With Luthor in charge no doubt.

An episode will feature iconic the battle against Starro
This episode will have Wonder Woman having to lead Aquaman, the Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Hal Jordan in the battle against a mind-controlled Superman and Batman.

The DCAU lineup of the League will be used in an episode

If Aqualad appears, he will be Kaldur
Why? Because a lot of people like Kaldur for one thing. Khary Payton could voice him again in an episode where Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman team up with him and Aquaman to fight Black Manta, which could lead to the Luke, I Am Your Father moment that we never got to see on Young Justice.

There will be a series of take thats towards Teen Titans Go!.
It'll mainly be the Justice Leaguers talking about how the Titans are immature brats, and how close the League is to reclassifying the Titans as villains. Later, there will be a crossover episode with TTG in which the Justice League pays the Titans a visit and chews them out for their actions. But the Titans won't care, and say they only became "heroes" for the power, glory, and the ability to beat up whoever they want because they see everyone as punching bags ready to be beaten and robbed. At that point, every Titan is imprisoned at Arkham Asylum (in the same cell as The H.I.V.E, no less) and reclassified as villains. At this point, it is abruptly announced that Teen Titans Go is cancelled, to the collective relief of haters, but to the devastation of kids and any tasteless individuals who liked it.
  • Alternatively, the Titans will be affected with some kind of 5th dimensional virus or something, turning them into jerkass cartoon characters. The League will have an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with them
  • Or maybe Batman finds himself in the Teen Titans Go universe (which is actually an attempt by Batmite to make another lighthearted DC cartoon, but Gone Horribly Wrong) so Superman, Wonder Woman and the Titans team up to save him.

The Teen Titans will appear in an episode. But with a twist...
Instead of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy, the Titans will consists of several heroes who were members of the titans who haven't had many appearances in animation. This could lead to Donna Troy's Wonder Girl leading the team, since she never appeared in Teen Titans or made her appearance as a member of the Team in Young Justice.

The show will mostly have stand-alone episodes, but will have a Two-Part Season Finale.
And the villain they fight who warrants a two-part story?
  • Darkseid. They would no doubt do him better justice than Teen Titans Go! did with him.
  • Brainiac. There's a chance he'll be the villain of the DCEU's Justice League film, so it would be a good tie-in.
  • As mentioned higher up, the Legion of Doom. Lots of villains will need a longer time to defeat satisfyingly on-screen. Plus, after a season of fighting maybe two or three villains at a time it would make for a great way to end the first season. If the show isn't renewed for some reason, that'll make it a Grand Finale! If it gets renewed for a second season, than it just means that Season 1 had a big battle that wouldn't interfere too much with Season 2.

Batman and Superman will both be implied to have things for Wonder Woman.
But turns out this Wonder Woman is already with a totally different guy in the League. Wah wah waaahhh.
  • Or Steve Trevor will finally be major character and we can go back to the Diana and Steve pairing.
  • If with a different superhero, it'll be Aquaman.

A battle will be set up between Superman and Batman...
Only for the setup to be dropped, noting that such an idea is overused.
  • Alternatively, it could instead be full of Take That!'s to another 'hero vs hero movie.
    Superman: Bruce, what are we doing? This isn't like when we first met. This time we already knew beforehand that someone was manipulating us into fighting. We're smarter than this.

The show will get Screwed by the Network.
In favor of Teen Titans Go! instead. May or may not include overly long hiatuses.

Alternatively, the show will get Adored by the Network.
...screwing over other shows on the network like Steven Universe.

The majority of episodes will show the "Trinity" teaming up with two other heroes.
  • Kinda jossed, as the episode involving Firestorm and the Nuclear family was mostly focused on him with the Trinity being mosly secondary.

There will be a Whole Episode Flashback showing the origin of the League
Possible founding members:
  • The original 7 (Sm, Bm, WW, Aq, GL, Fl, & MM)
    • The original 8 (with Black Canary) like in Post-Crisis.
  • New 52 lineup (with Cyborg)
  • DCAU founders (Sm, Bm, WW, GL, Fl, MM, & Hg). Though Flash and Green Lantern could be Barry Allen and Hal Jordan instead, respectively.
  • The movie lineup (Bm, WW, Aq, Fl, Cy, Sm)

Possible starter villain(s):

  • Starro
  • White Martians
  • Darkseid
  • Appellaxians
  • The Imperium
  • Despero
  • Brainiac
    • Jossed. When Brainiac first appears, no one seems to recognize him.

Cyborg's episode will center around him graduating from the Titans and joining the League

Lex Luthor will be more akin to Hades.
Due to being played by James Woods.

There will be a TITANIC potshot at Batman & Robin and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Being the two most infamous films based off DC's most famous heroes, this is bound to happen at some point.
Batman: And then Mr. Freeze attempted to start a string of bad ice puns. (sighs) I'm going to regret saying this, but Joker does that way better.
Superman: At least that isn't as bad as tossing nuclear warheads into the sun.

If the show goes onto be successful, 30-minute episodes will become a thing.
Albeit stretched into "two-parters", much like how Justice League was composed mostly of hour-long episodes.

Since Firestorm seems to be one of the main characters, there will be an episode where he, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and at least one of the Hawks become elementals.

There'll be an episode with Black Canary and Zatanna.
Wonder Woman would ask why they both wear fishnets as part of their costumes. She would commented that they are inappropriate attire to impressionable young minds. Only for them to counter this by pointing out how little Wonder Woman wears by comparison. With Wonder Woman saying "touché".

A Bizarro World episode.
The Bizarro World of the series will mix elements from the Pre-Crisis version, the DCAU planet, and Emperor Joker's Earth. So we'll have a cube-shaped Earth; inhabited by Bizarro-Supermen, Bizarro characters, mannequins made from boulders and twigs, and strange non-Bizarro beings (such as Ignition and Scorch); living in buildings that vary from stone to twisted architectures.

Ganthet and Sayd will be the only Guardians leading the Green Lantern Corps.

There'll be a Supergirl episode.
  • Her secret identity is high school student Linda Lee Danvers. She wears a brunette wig and wears glasses.
  • She lives with adoptive Earth parents Fred and Sylvia Danvers.
  • She'll have a sibling who's her adoptive parents' natural child. A baby brother like in Peter David's Supergirl or an older sister like in the TV show.
  • Her hometown Midvale.
  • Her pet is Streaky the Supercat.
  • Her classmates are crush Dick Malverne, Mattie Harcourt, Cutter Sharp, Becky, Drew, and Sarah.
    • All of this would probably be a bit much to fit in with a 12 or so minute timeframe, especially if Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are going to appear and fight a villain with her.

There'll be a Sugar and Spike episode.
It'll be from their POV.

Luthor's presidency will be a story arc
the Trump jokes practically write themselves
  • For the record, his voice actor, James Woods, is a vocal Trump supporter.
  • If it does (or could have... considering it's cancelled), then there obviously wouldn't be blatant Take That! jokes towards Trump considering how controversial that would be, plus it would tick off James Woods.

Adam West and Lynda Carter will appear
Either as characters connected to Batman and Wonder Woman or just random background characters.

There'll be an episode about New Krypton.

There'll be an episode about a pseudo-Watchmen line-up.
A team consistng of Blue Beetle/Ted Kord (Nite Owl), the Question (Rorschach), Nightshade (Silk Spectre), Peacemaker (Comedian), Thunderbolt/Peter Cannon (Ozymandias), and Captain Atom (Dr. Manhattan). Ted Kord and the Question are friends, and Kord and Nightshade are a couple. The plot would involve the kidnapping of Peacemaker.

     Post Release Theories 

Ghast is the Leader of the Brothers Djinn.
He will appear in a 1 hour special to reunite an retake his position as leader of the Brothers Djinn.
  • Seems he's renamed Nyorlath and sadly not that. Plus the Brothers Djinn are mostly henchmen for Black Adam
  • Ghast actually Debuts in Hat Trick as an Eldritch Abomination

Constantine will will be more of an Anti-Hero.
Constantine will be Heroic in this show but more in the lines of Good Is Not Soft
  • He may actual have plans for Black Adam the Brothers Djinn he has trapped.
  • He stops Klarion from stealing a spell book, and then steals it himself.

Mordru Will be The Dreaded.
Superman will encounter present day Mordru an before Terrified of him base on his adventures with the Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Even Constantine will be scared of him that he become Coherent

Power Company will Debut in the Show.
they may even get seperate debuts for the team similar to the power surge weekly event.

The Guardians will show up.
The show may actually do an adaptation of the Millennium Crossover maybe as a 2 Hour Special

Aya will show up in this show.
  • Confirmed.

Gotham an Gotham Girl will make their animated Debut.
They will impress Batman with their skills an use of powers but Gotham will get injured, Gotham Girl an Batman who were close will form a rift over her Brother's injuries.
  • Huh?
  • (not o.p.) Gotham and Gotham Girl are characters that made their comics debut in 2016, so they're pretty obscure right now.

The Legion of Doom will suffer from internal infighting.
Lex will establish himself as the Leader but Grodd Reverse-Flash and The Wizard will continuously try an take his position from him with some success with that running as a subplot for some of the season.

The Human Defense Corps will Debut as an Arm of ARGUS.

Floronic Man will be a villain in an episode.
He'll cover Gotham City with vegetation that is implied to be marijuana. He'll act totally stoned throughout his appearance, even eating a stand-in for Doritos cause he he'll have the munchies.

Constantine has recently given up smoking.
The lollipop is a means to help with the transition from smoking to non-smoking.

The series will end with an episode that's a giant Take That! at Cartoon Network for what it has done to the show.
It will with Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman rescuing a woman named Ms. Mills (who looks suspiciously like Christina Miller) from Darkseid during an attack on a city. After they save the city, Mills leads a movement of citizens who stupidly blame the League for the damage done by Darkseid's attack. Meta insults ensue!

Constantine is Lighter and Softer because the world is Lighter and Softer.
Heck, even Justice League Dark was Lighter and Softer than Hellblazer. A universe that doesn't constantly screw Constantine over is one where his personality is very different.


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