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Nightmare Fuel / Justice League Action

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What would happen if Darkseid got hold of the Anti-Life Equation.

Episode 1-4: Shazam Slam

  • The Djinn are actually very disturbing for first episode villains, with them being able to manipulate people's abilities or possess them.
  • Billy's situation with Black Adam at first, given he's a kid being held against his will by a super villain. That is got to be a parent's nightmare.
  • The appearance of this show's incarnation of Parasite looks rather... unsettling to say the least. Aside from looking far less human and more insect-esque, he also absorbs the powers and abilities of his victims through a group of tentacles he shoots of his stomach, which leaves said victims weak and with their veins glowing purple. It gets even worse when Calythos absorbs him and gains his powers...

Episode 6: Nuclear Family Values

  • How the Nuclear Family acts put them into the Uncanny Valley, especially with their exposed robot parts and while they act like humans, they want to create a world that they can live in peace in...specifically one that's a nuclear fallout.
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  • The fact that we get a good idea of Firestorm's background with him and Dr. Stein nearly gets BLOWN UP by grenades.

Episode 7: Zombie King

  • How about Zombie Batman and Zatanna?! It only lasts a moment and Swamp Thing is thankfully able to restore things to normal very quickly after, but seeing them transformed even briefly is pretty disturbing.

Episode 11: Play Date

  • Besides the captured Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Cyborg, the "Character Select" roster showed various other JLA heroes and even some villains like The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Lobo. Does that mean Toyman's end goal was to capture the rest of the JLA and several other villains just to build his real life video game?


  • How's this: Superman gets coated with nanobots that become more powerful when they absorb solar energy...the thing he is powered by. He has to get off world as fast as he can, and KNOCKS A PLANE OUT OF THE AIR! Superman looks horrified when this happens and if not for Hawkman and Wonder Woman, it would have been a REALLY nasty thing to happen..

Hat Trick

  • The idea that Zatanna's hat is an opening for GOD knows how many monsters. Seriously, a kid was almost sucked up by the giant green worm creature Faust summoned. So that is really dark in hindsight...

Episode 18: Trick or Threat

  • The fact that Klarion can mind-wipe people and turn them into kids. Who knows who else he's done that too...
  • Cain the caretaker is actually a little...unnerving at times.
    • And then you remember that JLA exists in the same world as Sandman, and that this is THE CAIN, from the Bible...

Episode 43: It'll Take A Miracle

  • The Anti-Life Equation is mentioned, and its effects are shown in an Imagine Spot. If it weren't for a last minute switch by Batman...

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