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Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The circumstances are depressing and tear jerking and ungodly godawful, but as The Question lies dying in Kate's apartment, Kate and Renee curl up on a couch together and share their first kiss in years, their first peace in years, and notice that, for a little while at least, it has stopped snowing. "Merry Christmas, Renee."
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  • Kate telling her Dad why she was separated from the Army.
    Jacob: Why couldn't you tell him what he needed to hear?
    Kate: I'd have been lying.
    Jacob: Then you kept your honor and integrity. I'm proud of you. Your mother would have been, too.
  • The mutual admiration and respect that Wonder Woman and Batwoman have for each other during the World's Finest arc. It's especially adorable that Batwoman's narration boxes repeatedly mention how hard she's trying not to Squee! at the fact they've teamed up.
  • Kate's reaction to seeing Bette back in action in issue 17.
  • "Marry me, Mags."
  • A few months after accidentally injecting Maggie with a dose of fear toxin while on a mission, Kate, still feeling horrible about it, doses herself with the same amount so she'll know what Maggie went through, not having any other way to atone for it. Maggie stays by her side for twelve hours of horrific nightmares, to Kate's surprise. After Kate wakes, she and Maggie reiterate their love for each other.
  • In the first Annual, Batwoman and Batman resolve their differences to strike back at the DEO. By the very end they're on good terms once more, to the point that Batman gives Batwoman his blessing to keep operating in Gotham.
    • The issue also shows Kate starting to mend her relationship with her dad.
  • After so much Executive Meddling and behind-the-scenes bitterness regarding Kate and Maggie's relationship, along with the in-universe nastiness that occurred between them in the wake of their breakup, the second Annual (the very last issue of the series) ends on a hopeful note: Kate shows up to Maggie's apartment unannounced and asks to speak with her, and Maggie, though a bit hesitant, allows her in.
  • Now that it's been revealed that Kate and Bruce Wayne are cousins, it makes much more sense why Kate just happened to run into Batman during the low point in her life after leaving West Point: because it didn't "just happen". Bruce had likely heard she was going through a rough patch and was keeping tabs on her to make sure she was okay.

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