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"Batwoman is finishing off the last two Intergangers with a devastating move that will have people saying 'holy *** , she's cool!'"
— Greg Rucka, script for 52, Week 28, Day 5

Make no mistake: you do this, you're going to war. Define the goal. Definite the objective. Define the terms of victory. Because if victory means bringing your mother and sister back, you've already lost. If victory means taking revenge for what happened to them, you've already lost. But if the objective is to save just one life, to protect one innocent, to keep one person from having their life shattered in violence... and to come home alive when you're done... then you can prevail.
Colonel Kane

You once asked me when I decided to become Batwoman. When did I pick myself up off the bathroom floor and start dreaming about the mask and cape? As if the idea of fighting crime as a vigilante just hit me like a brick one day. As if that completely insane choice could ever be the result of just one moment...
I could say it was hearing the gunshot that killed Mom. After that, I knew I would never let anyone I love become a victim again.
I could say it was when I was kicked out of West Point, and an "I'll show them" chip sprouted on my shoulder.
Or after Renee left me, and I felt like the ghosts of Mom and Beth had torn us apart.
Or when I kicked the hell out of that mugger, even seven bourbons in. The rush of his bones breaking under my knuckles sobering me up, the adrenaline doing everything the booze had done for me and more.
Or when I saw Batman in person for the first time, and I realized that it could be anyone under that mask. Even me.
Kate Kane

Her training is excellent and she has all the right instincts. More important, she has the one thing I can't teach. That hole inside her that can't ever be filled, no matter how many criminals she takes down... it gives her the drive to do this.

It's not Batwoman's fight, and she's risking everything to throw her hand in with us. Everything. Maybe I do know what a hero looks like, after all. And she wears red and black.


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