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Heartwarming / The Batman Adventures

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  • In Gotham Adventures #26, where Batman takes care of a baby. Knowing everyone wants the child and determining that there isn't anyplace or anyone else safe enough to leave the baby withnote , Batman takes the baby with him on his outings, leading to a few funny moments. In order to protect the baby, Batman used his blood, tricking the FBI into thinking that it was the baby's blood. Batgirl asks him why risk his identity.
    Batman: If I had to choose between my identity becoming known or [the baby] having a normal life with his parents ... that's no choice at all.
    • And cue the very last panel, as Batman returns the baby to his parents and the baby's mother cries in relief and joy.
      • If you look carefully in the last panel, Batman placed a few wads of cash in the baby bag to help the family.
  • Gotham Adventures #50 intersperses the ongoing plot about a wounded Catwoman with flashbacks to Batman and Catwoman's past - one of which shows us that while Selina was on the lam, Batman swung by her apartment to feed her cats.
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  • Gotham Adventures #60 is this and a big tearjerker. Seeing Bruce's new family all together and in good spirits just makes his isolation in Batman Beyond all the more difficult to watch.
  • Batman Adventures #3 proves that Joker really does love Harley after all. In an attempt to bring his old self back after he was pacified by therapy at Arkham, (when even trying to trigger his survival instinct didn't do it) Harley tells Joker that she always liked Batman more than him and she wants to be with him now. Joker responds: "*sniff* Well...if that's the way you feel...THEN I'LL JUST HAVE TO RIP BATMAN'S LUNGS OUT THROUGH HIS EARS!!" then delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to BATMAN, of all people. Batman still beats them, but all is back to normal by the end.
  • Batman Adventures #15 shows that Nora loves Freeze just as much as he loves her. (And that is saying something) "Victor, I won't give up hope…"
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  • The Villainous Friendship between Riddler and his henchmen in The Batman Adventures #10.

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