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Heartwarming / All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder

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  • "We mourn lives lost. Including our own."
  • A really out there one that counts only if you subscribe to Linkara's humorous Alternative Character Interpretation that the Batman portrayed here is actually a hobo named "Crazy Steve" who found a Batman costume somewhere then won the lottery. If so, it's actually kind of heartwarming that the first thing this obviously very damaged individual would want to do is imitate his favorite superhero and try to protect the city that presumably left him homeless and destitute. He's terrible at it, but still. At least he's trying...
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  • Alfred's treatment of Dick Grayson. note  He makes sure the kid is fed and has clean clothes, and in general is kind and treats him with respect. While that might seem like the bare minimum, keep in mind Batman was constantly belittling and berating the kid and wanted him to eat cave rats. To quote Dick: "At least someone's nice around here.".


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